2017 Average Costs For Formica Countertops

2017 Average Costs For Formica Countertops

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Whether you are building a new kitchen or renovating an existing one, having the right countertops will help to bring the space together while enabling you to work well in the kitchen. Not only will having the right countertops add to the value of your home in Mena, but it will also inspire you to cook more often. Formica countertops not only look good, but they are also easy to maintain and quite affordable. Once you are ready to have them installed, hire a professional from Furthur, who specializes in installing formica countertops Mena so as to get the best results.

Formica Countertops

Formica Countertops in Mena, AR

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Due to the nature of the material and the fact that it can get damaged by some of the things in the kitchen, the contractor who installs the formica countertops Mena will know the most appropriate places in the kitchen to install the material. The Mena Formica countertops professional will first come to your home and then make a template of the countertop, while taking note of any special situations. They will then make the countertop and return to install it. This will ensure that your countertop in Mena fits perfectly.

Replacing your countertops is a clever way of refreshing the look of your kitchen. Only hire experienced formica countertops Mena professionals from Furthur to do the installations for you.



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2016 Average Costs For Formica Countertops

2016 Average Costs For Formica Countertops

FAQ for Formica Countertops in Mena

What’s the cost of Formica countertops in Mena?

The average prices for Formica countertops in Mena is between $16 and $27 per square foot.

What are the advantages of Formica countertops in Mena?

For most homeowners, durability is not just the ability to withstand massive impacts; it’s also how long the counter lasts; those with longevity have an obvious appeal for buyers who plan on getting several years out of them. Mena Formica countertops are stain, impact and heat resistant, and usually, goes for less than other countertop materials having similar properties. They also can be replaced at small costs. Furthermore, the Formica counters remain desirable as they were ten years ago, unlike granite which is predicted to be on its way out. They come in an extensive array of designs and colors, and you’ll most likely find one that blends with your setting. However, if you don’t find a style that matches your personal taste, you can easily paint the Formica, to get a lively piece that complements your kitchen the way you wanted.

Do I need a specialist to handle my Formica countertops in Mena needs or is it a DIY?

Installing Formica countertops in Mena is a moderately DIY job, albeit, it needs some level of care, effort and plenty of measuring. If you have the skills and the technical know-how, you should be able to accomplish the job in a day or two. If you hire a qualified contractor, they are well-experienced and will confidently take on the process and be done within a few hours. The home improvement stores retail the prefabricated sections of Formica countertops for about $50 to %200 per piece, in a variation of 4ft, 8ft, and corner sections. You’ll need to have silicone, a drill, glue, some straight edge, a pencil to mark with and mounting screws. However, delivery of the product to the job site is a highly professional job that you need to leave to the experts.

Last Updated: Mar 10, 2023

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