2017 Average Costs For Tennis Court Resurfacing

2017 Average Costs For Tennis Court Resurfacing

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Tennis court resurfacing Montgomery is a two-phase process that only a professional should handle because it involves the repair of your court’s existing structure and it is then followed by the careful application of acrylic coating system. Even the most well-constructed hard courts develop low spots and cracks and it will require maintenance sometime in the future. When that time comes, you need to hire a service provider like Furthur to restore the playability factors of your court, vastly enhance its appearance, and extend its life.

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Tennis Court Resurfacing in Montgomery, AL

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Furthur has been constructing, maintaining, and resurfacing tennis courts for countless of years now. They undertake the construction and resurfacing of the most prestigious courts that are all individually tailored to satisfy the needs of those who are investing in their home, lifestyle, and family’s well-being.

The experts at Furthur can also work well with landscape designers and architects to build tennis courts that can aesthetically address the standards and demands of clients. Their aim is to provide a Montgomery tennis court resurfacing service that can guarantee customers with tennis courts that are well-built, sound, and with superior finish. All Montgomery tennis court resurfacing services are being monitored, supervised, and carried out personally by their well-trained staff.



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2016 Average Costs For Tennis Court Resurfacing

2016 Average Costs For Tennis Court Resurfacing

FAQ for Tennis Court Resurfacing in Montgomery

What factors determine the cost of tennis court resurfacing in Montgomery?

Depending on your preferences, tennis court resurfacing in Montgomery can, at times, be a very expensive venture. Many factors come into play when determining the tennis court resurfacing cost such as the size of the tennis court. Some owners have big tennis courts, which means that the resurfacing will need to cover huge areas. The larger the area, the more expensive it is to do a resurfacing. The materials used in the resurfacing will also play a significant role in determining the cost as different courts have different resurfacing needs depending on the traffic the court encounters every day. The materials offer different durability features and the higher the quality, the higher the cost. The transportation of the material will also factor in as the materials always need a lot of logistics for them to get to the tennis court for the resurfacing to happen.

After the tennis court resurfacing in Montgomery gets done, how often should maintenance occur?

After the Montgomery tennis court resurfacing is done, the frequency of maintenance will get determined by the traffic that the court experiences; the higher the traffic, the more maintenance needed. For instance, hard courts require annual cleaning and surface problems such as cracks attended to. Other owners might prefer coloring their hard courts after a couple of years so as to give it a refreshing look. However, there’s daily maintenance such as watering, brushing, rolling that will make your court much easy to play in. During the dry seasons, you can apply magnesium or calcium so as to sustain the moisture.

Do tennis court resurfacing in Montgomery experts offer complete installation jobs?

Most of the contractors will provide full service when it comes to tennis court resurfacing in Montgomery. They will be with you every step of the way from the designing phase, selection of materials, up to the installation phase.

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