2017 Average Costs For Solar Heating

2017 Average Costs For Solar Heating

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Without a doubt, electricity bills have been swelling in the past few years but you can lessen the costs of your monthly utility bills to an all-time low with Fort Smith solar heating. This means less electricity is being used to heat the entire house and power other appliances. Fort Smith solar heating comes in two types: passive and active solar heating. With passive solar heating, you can cut your electricity usage by half. On the other hand, a house can rely completely on active solar heating. For the proper installation of your home’s solar heating system, call on Furthur’s experts.

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Active solar heating requires panels to absorb heat from the sun and the heat will then be converted into electricity for your home. If you have little to no knowledge regarding its installation, it’s best to call the experts for this matter. Fortunately, Furthur offers excellent services in dealing with your installation needs so you don’t have to.

Furthur also has the right professionals to do the job. Equipped with the most advanced tools and knowledge, they guarantee to provide you with quality work that can give your home the right system for Fort Smith solar heating. Call Furthur’s service hotline now and convert to solar heating Fort Smith.



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2016 Average Costs For Solar Heating

2016 Average Costs For Solar Heating

FAQ for Solar Heating in Fort Smith

When placing the Fort Smith solar heating unit, will there be several holes in my roof, or will be too heavy?

No. The experts mount the Fort Smith solar heating unit on an aluminum rail system that’s specifically designed for this purpose. The structure penetrates in the roof rafters for support. If you have an asphalt roof, specialist apply Tripolymer sealants to protect your home from any leaks. However, in a standing metal roof, the system is fixed directly to the standing seams without penetration. The solar panels are light, weighing less than five pounds per square foot, and any framed roof can carry it without causing any damage to it.

What will I gain from installing Fort Smith solar heating in my home?

You will cut down on your home’s energy costs. Studies show that hot water can add up to 30% of your total energy cost. Having the Fort Smith solar heating installed not only helps you to save on energy bills; it also serves you for 30 to 50 years. The panel system increases your home’s value, especially if you’re planning on selling your property. Most home buyers are willing to pay more for homes having these systems. Besides, you’ll have more hot water for 80% less money and your energy unlike if you’re renting.

Is installation of solar heating in Fort Smith a DIY or a professional job?

Solar heating in Fort Smith involves going to the top of the roof. The height poses a danger of falling, especially if you do not have the proper support structures. Experts handle such jobs daily and have the much-needed experience in regards to the electrical, roofing and building work, to carry the task in the right manner. Besides them being certified, licensed and bonded, they are also backed by warranty, and in the event of a mishap, you are well catered to.

Last Updated: Jan 20, 2024

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