2017 Average Costs For Pea Gravel

2017 Average Costs For Pea Gravel

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Stones, rocks, and pebbles are frequently used in any type of outdoor landscaping design. Smaller pieces of gravel are ideal for an affordable and basic driveway. As for larger rocks, they are meant to be used to divert water. They are also great because they can limit the amount of maintenance and water needed compared to traditional grass lawns. One of the most popular types of landscaping rocks that are commonly seen in landscape masterpieces today is pea gravel Aberdeen. Landscape artists and architects at Furthur use it because the material offers a wide range of benefits to homeowners.

Pea Gravel

Pea Gravel in Aberdeen, MS

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Aberdeen pea gravel, just as its name suggests, is a hard stone and it resembles the shape and size of a pea. It is very versatile, and it does not have sharp uneven edges like other types of stones. It is also relatively smooth and uniform in shape. Aberdeen pea gravel is a very small stone, measuring between 1/4 to an inch in diameter.

If you work with the professional landscapers and outdoor architects of Furthur, you can expect your landscape project to be a sight to behold. They are capable of incorporating the natural surroundings of your backyard and use nature itself as the main component of your brand new outdoor living area.



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2016 Average Costs For Pea Gravel

2016 Average Costs For Pea Gravel

FAQ for Pea Gravel in Aberdeen

How can I use pea gravel in Aberdeen?

Pea gravels are small, fluid stones mostly found near water bodies. They have an alluring smooth texture which forms as a result of natural weathering. The stones come in sizes from 1/8” to 3/8” and various natural colors like rust brown, buff, white, shades of gray, and translucent. Pea gravels are used on patios, driveways, playgrounds, and paths. You can even use them as mulch material around your garden or a container plant as it suppresses the growth of weed, it doesn’t decompose like organic mulch, and retains moisture. However, because of their tendency to travel, ensure to contain them by edging material like stones, metal edging, brick or bender board. If you find this overwhelming, you can hire a professional to help with your pea gravel in Aberdeen needs.

How do I install a pea gravel in Aberdeen?

In comparison to other landscaping materials, installing pea gravel is somewhat easy. You’ll need to work the soil about 6-inches deep, get rid of any weed, lay down 2-inches of roughly textured crushed rock (to stabilize pea gravel to offer a firm surface), and cake that with a 3-inch-deep layer of pea gravel. If you are in a weed prone area, you can add a layer of protection of landscape cloth between the pea gravel and the crushed rock or hire a pea gravel in Aberdeen service from experts.

How do I keep pea gravel in Aberdeen in good condition?

You’ll frequently need to tidy the surface with a rake. Good thing pea gravel doesn’t rot, however, it does sink into soil – (enhances drainage especially to clay soil), so you may require replenishing the gravel after every four years or so. Snow removal poses the biggest challenge. If you need a hand for the pea gravel in Aberdeen service, you can get an expert to help you shove off most of the snow and melt the rest with salt.

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