2017 Average Costs For Handicap Ramps

2017 Average Costs For Handicap Ramps

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To increase mobility and the sense of independence that physically challenged people have or the elderly have, it is important that you install handicap ramps in your premises or around your property. This is a practical solution offered by Furthur that will also increase the security of the targeted people as they move around. Finding and installing handicap ramps in Casper is a complex process that only an expert can carry out. Hiring handicap ramps Casper professionals will eliminate the need to climb stairs, which can be quite a difficult for some people in Casper.

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Casper handicap ramps professionals will help you to simplify your home environment and make it suitable for a disabled person to live in. It is important to hire a Casper handicap ramps professional who has experience and will be able to lay out the ramp using the right slope ratio when it comes to comparing the length and height of the slope.

You can prevent physically challenged people from getting frustrated when trying to access your building by simply installing these handicap ramps. Call a Casper handicap ramps professional from Furthur today to ensure that the ramp that you build is in line with the local building codes of Casper.



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2016 Average Costs For Handicap Ramps

2016 Average Costs For Handicap Ramps

FAQ for Handicap Ramps in Casper

Can I design and construct handicap ramps in Casper?

Well constructed Casper handicap ramps provide the wheelchair users freedom to move. If poorly built, they will not only be difficult to use but may also be dangerous, therefore hiring a professional that’s well versed with ADA standards and one that’s experienced with constructing ramps is a necessity. They take into consideration the angle of the slope; lowest slope ramps are better than steep once because they are easy to climb and do not pose a danger or tipping backward. Furthermore, they will design it with weight specification and landings in mind; they’ll make sure there’s a flat surface at the top of the ramp (to easily access the door) and at the bottom (to stop the wheelchair). The experts can even help you personalize the ramp to blend the existing features of your home.

What materials can I use to design Casper handicap ramps?

Some of the popular materials used by most homeowners include wood, aluminum, steel, and concrete. Wood looks beautiful but needs frequent maintenance to keep it from rotting and warping. If not well-maintained, it may become difficult to use and even hazardous. Also, they need materials like sand grit strips to prevent it from being slippery, to allow usage during wet seasons. Aluminum is an excellent material as its light in weight, sturdy and corrosion resistant. However, it’s expensive and it being lightweight can result in it wobbling or bending. Moreover, it has to have a textured finish to grip the tires. Steel is less expensive, more secure, heavier than aluminum but less flexible. If unprotected, it can rust, so you have to galvanize it. Concrete, though expensive is the perfect material for permanent handicap ramps in Casper.

What's the cost of building a handicap ramp in Casper?

Building Casper handicap ramps costs between $859 and $2,384 depending on the material used, your location, and the length of the ramp.

Last Updated: Apr 8, 2024

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