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Re: 4/5/11 UCF Arena Orlando Fla.

#9110 3 years ago
Strawberry Fields
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Re: 4/5/11 UCF Arena Orlando Fla.

#9114 3 years ago
I would post a picture but I was unable to operate my camera due to my condition.....lol
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Re: 4/5/11 UCF Arena Orlando Fla.

#9126 3 years ago
First When You Wish Upon A Star
First Strawberry Fields Forever since 6/25/10
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Re: 4/5/11 UCF Arena Orlando Fla.

#9174 3 years ago
Greta setlist
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Re: 4/5/11 UCF Arena Orlando Fla.

#9188 3 years ago
Thnx Highway Terror for your list of songs, I made a list at the concert as well but didnt know the name of the NEW songs

Set I

Here Comes Sunshine ( I was surprised at the louness and fullness of sound then realized they had two backup singers whose sound levels were very loud, BUT this was a Grateful Dead classic and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing it live)

Celebration, (a song that was NEW to me, I strained to appreciate it and listen to the unusual chord changes unique to this song, something the Dead was always noted for)

Dear Mr. Fantasy, (Another old classic, reached me on depp levels, indeed listening to the Grateful Dead is largely about fantasy)

I Need A Miracle, (Another old classic Dead tune, About 20 % of the people around me in section 202 (way uppper level)
were up out of their seat and dancing.

Welcome To The Dance > (NEW song to me, I listened closely to the tune to try and get the "idea' of this song and try and appreciate it)

Around & Around, ( A NEW song to me, perhaps post Dead? Had a Chuck Berry type arrangement, old fashioned rock and roll)

Cosmic Charlie, ( Classic old tune, the people at UCF Arena were loving it, and about 50% were out of their seats and dancing

Sugar Magnolia ( Classic old tune, it did my soul good to hear this old tune, and now I was up out of my seat and dancing!)

Sunshine Daydream ( Sounded just like the dead)

Set II

Fire On The Mountain > ( A building excitement of mystical feeling now as they dragged out some of the old Dead tunes and played them perfectly)

Cassidy, ( The crowd recieved this with loving excitement, dancing, as only dead fans do!)

Unbroken Chain > ( a song NEW to me , again I intently listened to try and appreciate this new tune)

Strawberry Fields Forever > ( Old Beatles song that was the BEST cover Ive heard the Dead/Further do of this, the guitar instumentals were so remnicent of the way the Beatles played it , and enhanced by the added spirit and effects of the Dead/Further style)

When You Wish Upon A Star ( Instr.) > (Very pleasant Disney tune, wondefully reprented and orchestrated in the Further musical style, it was welcome happily by the audience)

We Love You > (NEW song to me, nice but I strained to appreciate it)

The Other One > (NEW song to me, nice but I strained to appreciate it)

Comes A Time > (NEW song to me, and this was remniscent of Wharf Rat to me. Not the melody, but the tone of the song. It was a slow and beautiful song with wonderful lyrics, I really felt this one is a Further classic, Im not sure if they wrote it)

The Wheel > (This is where the intense boogying stepped up a bit, an old classic Dead tune that came off just like the Dead would play it, full sound and 75 % of the audience around me was dancing out of their seats, including me)

Truckin' ( The most famous classic Dead tune, wonderfully performed, just like the Dead woul;d have done it, only bad thing about this song is that Jerry wasn't there too. It appeared that 100% of the audience was out of their seat and dancing. It is RARE that at concerts by other bands that ANYONE gets out of their seat and dances, but at a Dead show, this particular moment was a climax ox Boogeying to be sure)

Donor Rap ( At this point Phil Lesh , I think it was Phil, got up and told how he was lucky to be alive, and that we should all consider being organ donors. I am thinking he must have had an organ transplant ? I enjoyed his little talk, and it showed what a good person he was, and his brotherly request was well accepted by the audeince)

Encore: Touch of Grey ( There was a general refusal of the audience to leave, although I did see some folks heading for the exits. Then Phil walked back on stage and there was cheering, then he walked back off. I looked at the guy next to me and said , omg I think there gonna play again". Sure enough withing 3 minutes they all walked back on stage and did a great version of Touch of Grey. 100% of the audience was dancing.)

PS - plz forgive the ignorance of the new songs, this is the first time Ive seen "Further" and I mostly just listen to the Dead on You Tube
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Re: 4/5/11 UCF Arena Orlando Fla.

#9252 3 years ago
Nice review.

This was a really, really great show for me. I went with my best friend who first turned me on this band our freshman year at the UF in 1976. Since then I have seen hundreds of shows. This was was my friends 2nd. Last night was pretty much just like the first one in Jax. Just a really special night.
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Re: 4/5/11 UCF Arena Orlando Fla.

#9297 3 years ago
Absolutely! I thought Moondance was coming last night. Maybe tonight in Boca
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Re: 4/5/11 UCF Arena Orlando Fla.

#9319 3 years ago

Dude, I LOVE your review, especially your impressions of tunes that are 'new' to you.

And they always do an encore . So funny (in the best way).

The new fans' enthusiasm for these guys is sooooo contagious.

Look up those songs you mentioned as new to you online, dead.net is a good place, and look for annotated lyrics links when you search for them, some OLD SCHOOL gems in there.
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Re: 4/5/11 UCF Arena Orlando Fla.

#9337 3 years ago
Steve-o You can use otherones.net. It has a song by song guide that tells the Author, lyrics , number of times played , Venues played at etc. for every song in Furthurs Repertiore ,Enjoy !
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Re: 4/5/11 UCF Arena Orlando Fla.

#9403 3 years ago
Been to over 200 GD (in all their incarnations) shows and this was one of the best I have ever seen! The band was super tight and the crowd was beautiful. Small venue and great sound.
Comes a Time was so right on the money, sent chills up and down my body.
Here Comes Sunshine (one of my all time favorite songs) started us dancing from the get go and perfect for Florida.
When You Wish Upon a Star....what can I say, but MAGIC!
Thanks Furthur! I love ya!
Looking forward to tonight's show here in Boca. Final night of the tour.
Hope you all had a good time last night and have a great night tonight shaking our bones!
See ya there!
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Re: 4/5/11 UCF Arena Orlando Fla.

#9521 3 years ago
Best night ever for me. Had tons of fun. Dance Party on the floor was supa fun. Love you all!
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Re: 4/5/11 UCF Arena Orlando Fla.

#9522 3 years ago
Yeah...I caught that bit about the organ donor thing too and everyone I inquired didn't know the backstory. I am curoius too.
I have no selfish memorandum...no confusion for me.
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