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Fresh Boarder

"Best" of the recent East coast tour

#88799 2 years, 11 months ago
Out here on the West coast, would love to get opinions of the "best" of this recent tour. I have heard Atlantic City and MSG.
Junior Boarder

Re: "Best" of the recent East coast tour

#88808 2 years, 11 months ago
Ah, these questions are tough. Of course, it depends on so many factors...how the band is feeling, how you are feeling, how the energy of the crowd is, song selection, song placement, your placement...

From the six I went to (Manchester, Portland, Amherst, MSG, Syracuse, Atlantic City), all were fabulous, and for different reasons. For me personally, Syracuse took the cake (maybe being in the front row directly in front of Phil with my best tour friend and happy mind-state had something to do with my experience). Second set of Portland was my kind of set. MSG had great energy and Larry Campbell blends seamlessly with this band. Atlantic City's Viola Lee triple-decker club sandwich was fabulous. Tour opener in Manchestah had me giddy like a schoolgirl.

My two cents is that the band is very tight, has not had a "bad night" yet, and I think they are better than ever. Best show? Impossible to say (unless we want to get really technical musically...a different perspective entirely).

Wilkes Barre sounds fabulous. There is some buzz around that show being tops. For me, Syracuse was fun fun fun and rockin'!
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