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Re: Setlist - Rosemont, IL - 11/18/2011

#88394 2 years, 11 months ago
I don't no...

At Albany, before the bow, Phil walked back to Russo, threw is arm around him, the two were all smiles, and of course I couldn't here what they were saying but they seemed like they were sharing somewhat of a "tender moment".
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Re: Setlist - Rosemont, IL - 11/18/2011

#88399 2 years, 11 months ago
patchmyfurthur wrote:
Cooper wrote:
I love Phil, just wish he waited till he was OFF the stage to yell at Russo - which tonight folks, it delayed the closing bow...

On to Madison! Peace.

Also, fintresting that the boyz can not come to Chicago without playing a Stephen or Eleven or Dark Star.

I agree with the final line. Why did Phil yell at Russo?

Could you here what he was saying?? I wouldn't jump to conclusions. This sounds like a start of a "Phil and Joe can't get along" rumor
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Re: Setlist - Rosemont, IL - 11/18/2011

#89290 2 years, 11 months ago
ChicagoJoe wrote:
Well, well, well...you can never tell.
Rosemont Review:
First off, great shakedown last night...I met up with old tour buddies and met new heads - good time.
Sugar Mag to open took me back to my first show in 1988. I was sitting 1st row with gdts tixs and it was amazing...this was the second time in my life I sat 1st row - the other was 1999 ABB at the beacon. The next tune was lame and then ratcheese song..wtf?? I could do without those tunes, next up Pride and Phil was playing great all night, changing tempo's and dropping bombs..good tune. Then, another tune I could have done without Peaceful Valley into a kind Deep Elm Blues - nice version into stagger lee - now the show was showing signs of life. Great Cassidy into motherfuckin' Sunshine Daydream!! Dude, 1988 Rosemont. Great version.
Set II
Playing in the Band - Hell yes, sweet jam and things are looking good into Mr. Fantasy - why??? this was the only song in the second set I could have done without - heard the GD play it too many times sooo much better. Well, what came next was pure bliss. DARK STAR - the name says it all and this version was better than the UIC last year - kind. Into the Eleven - I want to point out that the transition between songs were real, real smooth and tight. Right into a KILLER version of Moutains of the Moon - WOW - great jamming and it was excellent. Wham, right into a great version of St.Stephen>Shakedown....Rosemont was Rockin hard now = powerful. Right into the best Wharf Rat this band has ever played - it was flawless and moving and impressive. Really, really good. Bamm, right back into a nice playin reprise - good music.
Encore = Liberty - WHY?? what a bunch of shit, really bad way to end a show. Come on guys.
Overall, I had a real good time. Second set was good and the vibe was right at Rosemont. I feel honored to see the greatest Bass player up close.I though Weir look as white as ghost and real skinny - I hope he's OK. He sang good, but looked like he had a blank stare in his eyes. I would have bought him a buritto after the show.
I like Furthur and will catch this wave while it's still here.
Sunshine Daydream

Holy shit, no, no, were you even at the same show as me? What's going on here, seriously, you're talking about the liberty encore at the Allstate Arena on November the 18 of the year 2011?

Whooa man, no.

Seriously, this band was just hoooooooooooooooot as fuck!! whooooo... I mean, I was excited and everything, but I didn't know it was like THAT.

Yea, I sort of agree, the first set was a little slow. I walked straight into the box office and the dude gave me front row seats, like, right front and center and after aimlessly walking up and down shakedown for a period of around 2-3 hours, my body was numb. Since I went by myself, I was in the akward position of finding something to do, deciding whether to wander down the hallway or just stay in my seat.

So, I just stayed put, tried to focus on something to keep myself emotionally coherent, pulled out my phone, old phone with some just ridiculous games that I had never played. woow.

Yeah, Stagger Lee was phenomenal, I agree, the first 5 songs or so, I weas kind of lost on, I was like, what the fuck? Thewhole band just sort of comes out guns blazing, is this normal? I'm thinking... wheres the warm up material, cmon. Everyone knows you dont go straight for the vagina... So, it was a little bit jarring.

The guy next to me was like, I dont think they've played this one yet, this tour

I gave him this blank look, I was like, "I dont even know this song." so he angled his body away from me. I'm no scholar. I tried the guy to my right. He said two funny things, then he said something confusing. Set close, boom outta there.

The hallway was interesting as usual. I saw this one dude wearing like a turban with a stupor on his face. I mean, his posture was probably like the worst ever, it was almost hard to believe. Like he was holding some sort of fucked up yoga assana, his hips were so far forward. Yea, he looked like a foxtrot character. He had like a bubble around him, I mean, noone was getting near him, there was like a field around him that noone could, or would prefer not to, penetrate. I watched the crowd split perfectly around him for a while, man that was weird.

Set II I somehow wound up in the middle aisle, just front and center from the stage (not the floor, tho). Man, I had some incredible forward momentum, but jesus, set II just smoked SMOOOKED. At this point, things got real, I mean real. I'd been having such a shitty day/week/season, I've just been totally overwhelmed, holding it all inside, my house has been a mess, I've been about 20 steps behind at work, school, bills, etc. my wife actually LEFT me earlier that very day.... Anyhow, it all just fell off, I dont know, like maybe 5 minutes into Playin.

At this point, I couldn't tell you what song was played in any particular order, but the energy where I was standing was just unbelievably high. I mean, it was just fire, yang, explosive, but particularly passionate energy. THat's what I felt anyways, just an insane amount of passion and fire.

I ended up realizing that I was like smashing the dude in front of me, and there was basically like, noone behind me, lol. A moment that would maybe be embarrassing any other day, but I was just feelng that forward drive, and i didnt give a fuck. Man, I thought Liberty was hot too. At this point I was kicking it with a couple of the ugliest motherfuckers I've ever seen in my life, I mean seriously, these kids would have scared blackbeard back to the mainland, but damn, they were boogieing there asses off and passing around the rum and that shit was just splashing everywhere.

Liberty indeed, I've been on cloud nine since friday, and I definitely through a huge weight off of my shoulders. Insanely happy to have this band around jesus, i've actually been thinking of hitting the road.
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Re: Setlist - Rosemont, IL - 11/18/2011

#89294 2 years, 11 months ago
^^great review, sounds like you had a good time

I enjoyed Liberty encore in Mansfield - good song, was actually one I was hoping for and hadn't seen live yet at the time
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PLEASE be quiet when the band is playing. PLEASE.

Re: Setlist - Rosemont, IL - 11/18/2011

#89311 2 years, 11 months ago
I was there and about 30ft from Phil, Russo, and their short walk to the bow. I didn't see tension between them. Smiles with Phil's arm around Russo. It looked like an elated, professional discussion and surely nothing of the negative. Positive emotions running high after an intense set. More concerned with connecting than racing to give a bow. Phil did throw up his hands and take them off the bass a couple times during the show, but I didn't get any impression that was about Russo alone. I was at Madison as well, and Phil and Russo were all smiles from the git-go. Russo appeared to be in an especially jovial mood, and Phil looked to be in a very happy place as well. If that is tension, then by all means, please get down with your bad selves.

Like the user said about hearing any song you want in the jams and creating something that isn't there, I think people lean towards wanting some negativity in their stew. Self-fulfilling delusions. There's little doubt that Phil's expectations are high, but I get every impression that Russo feeds off that and excels in doing so. People think Phil is up there barking orders, but if you read the Molo interview, he's saying things more like, "Feel the ease. Move like the water." That isn't verbatim, but that is the type of thing Molo said Phil conveys through the ear mics. Atmosphere and spirit.

What's that LaVey quote? "I want to be a life-loving, happy person. I just happen to be living in a death-seeking, misery-loving world."

Greatly played first set, and a simply stunning second set. A gift from start to finish. Made up for the fact that Allstate charged $20 just to park a car. The band seems to be trying to make this affordable for us all, and then you have these greedy opportunists sucking the life out of everything and everyone. And in these economic times? Allstate should be ashamed of themselves. Catfish bloodsuckers.
You aren't interesting or clever when you write or speak in the lyrics of others. Rather, what are YOUR words?
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