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Furthur rawks

#83876 2 years, 11 months ago
although i love ratdog, last nights furthur show/stream made me realize what an amazing band furthur is, and i should be happy that they are doing so many shows, i cant wait for NYE run, and hope there will be some guests like billy and mickey, i mean come on, russo is the furthurs drummer, but it would be nice to see an all four on stage for NYE, with some crazy 3 man drum solo, mickey rarely places drums during the drums section anyway, so he can be free to play with the steel bar, or RAMU, but for real, how nice would it be for them to play together. i knw there must be politics invovlved im uunaware of, but damn, for real, its NYE in SF, we should be dancin in the streets, lets all go to ocuppy oakland afterwards
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