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Walk in the Sunshine
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memo to Sugaree1

#83804 2 years, 11 months ago
Excellent review in the setlist thread... your take on the show is pretty much what I heard on the stream. To summarize Awesome first set --greeeat start to set 2 but it did kinda peter out a bit in the second half of set 2. That said HOW IN HELL CAN YOU LEAVE A SHOW WHILE THEY ARE STILL PLAYING?? Thats a really bad gd related faux pas... What if they had done a Gloria or a Fool in the Rain or some bustout. I know a few people who left the cap center in 88 ( 9/3 I believe) ...during the encore..which turned out to be the first encore...and then they busted out Ripple. 10 Jerry demerits for you
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