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Re: Set List 11/08 Charlottesville, VA!

#89936 2 years, 11 months ago
calliopewail wrote:
What an incredible show to say the least! I cannot describe the amount of love in my heart during the whole show..I also happened to tear up quite a few times. I just love Furthur with my whole heart and I was incredibly blessed even to attend one show this tour. I had a nonstop smile on my face all night. I see there were some tech issues but who cares, they played as well as they could. I think it sounded amazing, I wouldn't change it for the world. AINT NO TIME TO HATE!!

On a sad note, in my section alone I saw at least 5 people get taken out by police. Not security, cops. It was terrible, every time there was a lighter lit the cops came barreling down the stairs like there was a serious crime being committed. All they had to do was take the pot away not the people but no, gotta make that quota. I felt terrible for those poor people.
Other than that, the night was flawless and shakedown was great. WHAT A SET!


happened to a buddy of mine, but his stash and one hitter were confiscated that was it
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