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Tom Banjo

Casey Jones & Dear Prudence?

#81516 2 years, 11 months ago
So who thought that Casey Jones was friggin awesome!? Dear Prudence was terrific too. I kinda thought we might get a Pink Floyd, but mayber upcoming would be Grate! Amherst got a Time. I caught that on e in MSG right after Roger Waters played it in his WALL tour...Furthur did it a thousand times better than Waters could ever do (No offense floyd fans, I love floyd too!). Hey Roger is just water under the bridge! I've been atop many bridges!
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R U Kind?

Re: Casey Jones & Dear Prudence?

#81549 2 years, 11 months ago
Both tunes were nice, but I still have "issues" with casey jones and truckin. Many of my non-deadheads friends think all fans are homeless drugged out freaks who listen to Casey Jones All day. Driving that train, high on Coke and all. Two Beatles tunes in one shows was a treat.

For me personally, the Weight was my special treat. Great 1/2 step, Althea +++. And a good encore (knockin). I am glad they did not save another Sat night for the encore.

And btw, Phil and Bobby did hug at the end
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Re: Casey Jones & Dear Prudence?

#81550 2 years, 11 months ago
That Dear Prudence was very nice indeed.
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Re: Casey Jones & Dear Prudence?

#82452 2 years, 11 months ago
i didnt kno what was going on after that casey jones, i felt it is was after a craxy 2nd set after the 1st set what a show i couldnt believe how good it sounded in there it was my 16 show and had to be top 3...that dear prudence was the 2nd set highlight for me 1st time seein em play that tune...my 8th help/slip/frankin and that slipknot was the best yet it was really intense ..even the light s for dear prudence were the best of the nite....cant wait for AC only have to get thru 3 more days 10 hr a day of work and then on my way...wish i was hittin MSG but all my friends r broke, i just hope they keep touring for a while...
Terrapin Sedation
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Re: Casey Jones & Dear Prudence?

#82527 2 years, 11 months ago
That Casey Jones was chin-slobber, great.....I was bouncing up and down like a damn puppet on a string...I haven't listened to it since, but just feel that there was a point where everything shifted into hyperspace.......an IT moment.

Lots of nice moments in that show....Really happy that was the one we got to get to.

Other favorite moments included Althea, Mean Mr. Mustard..Eyes Fire..Viola Lee and SlipKnot.

Oh Yeah, a hefty Big Bad Blues too.

Just listening for first time since seeing it.......even better than I remembered.
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