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Gold Boarder

Re: 2011/11/05 Wilkes-Barre,PA Mohegan Sun Arena[LMA]

#119069 2 years, 8 months ago
This show was on fire from the first note played. The energy the band gave off was a powder keg and it didnt fade throughout the show. Dont ask me why but i called my buddy after the first set that we couldnt get on the floor and told him they were going to play heavens door and after the show we were entertained to a halarious lot with a fellow telling security we can do this all night.Refering to chasing the nitous guys around. I must have seen the golf cart early cause it only had a couple stickers on it.
But it was funny how he thought he could drive up through shakedown just after the show. And the lightning bolts were just fine. I didnt think the show could be toped and then i was pleasently surprised in syracuse. Also a note on w/b is it seemed as though the boys let john stretch his legs a bit.
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