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#76282 3 years ago
Want to know what your favorites are and "briefly" Why?

Grateful Dead



Phil & Friends


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Re: Best Shows of ALL TIME

#76300 3 years ago
Grateful Dead -Jeez there are so many shows I haven't gotten to listen to yet. But if I had to choose a show right now it would be 5.14.70 at Meramac Community College in STL. This show justs hits so close to home! I love it!

JGB - I can't ever get my hands on enough Jerry music to enjoy. I really dig all his projects. I can't pick out a certain show because one I haven't gotten to see any. And two I can't find enough Jerry shows to make an assumption. But I really love Legion of Mary, The Pure Jerry releases, and of course Garcia and Grisman

Ratdog - My favorite was my only ratdog show 3.24.08 in St. Louis. Bobby had a local Sax player Stu Williams join the band that night. They were on fire!! O I LOVED IT! Recommended for a good listen!

Phil & Friends - Only seen P&F twice but my favorite was 10.2.07 in St. Louis, MO. It was a crappy night in town but a killer show inside!

Furthur - Seen Furthur more than a handful of times....my favorite was 7.31.11 in Alpharetta. The energy from the band was incrediable, the energy from the crowd was amazing! One night I wont ever forget!

The Dead - Only got to see the dead twice. But ill choose the first time I seen the core 4 together to be my favorite 5.5.09

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Re: Best Shows of ALL TIME

#76311 3 years ago
Grateful Dead Richfield Coliseum 9/9/93 was a life changing experience for me. On paper the show doesn't look particularly special (the next night had a better setlist.) It was mostly my state of mind that made it so amazing. I didn't know it was possible to feel so good, and I haven't experienced anything like it since.
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Re: Best Shows of ALL TIME

#76325 3 years ago
That's a tall order but I'll start today with
4 years of shows that I attended from1983-86.

Hampton 4.9.83 the 1st show of the tour. The band broke-out Help>Slip>Franklins and every city got to hear it. Then in the fall, well of course Madison SQ. Garden 10.12.83 St.Stephen (say no more), Lake Acid 10.17.83, The Sugaree opener and the venue's design of open portals (Like my Spectrum) made every space good for dancin'.

Next year 1984 Hampton again on 4.14.84 a KiLLER MORNING DEW out of space. The gold-standard for me to compare all others by. Then that summer both Merriweather Post Pavilion shows. On 6.26.84 the Casey Jones opener was a shocker.the next night on 6.27.84 Brent and Phil pull'd out a "Do It In The Road" before drums and Jerry crushes a Morning Dew out of space.

In 1985 at the Spectrum on 4.7.85 Do It In The Road opener then a first set Dancin' In The Streets (Philadelphia PA, Baltimore and D.C. now) The 2nd set She Belongs To Me , and of corse another MORNING DEW. In 1985 Peoples Express was still making it easy for us to travel so the Red Rocks Sunday afternoon 9.7.85 Logger Song opener was "whippet time" and The Dear Mr.Fantasy >Hey Jude > Truckin' > Comes a Time > LoveLight was a great wrap-up.

In the fall we were blessed with getting thru on the company phones with ticket master and got seats The FOX Theater,Atlanta shows 10.28 & 10.29.85. The theater itself was the story here. It was like walking into Casablanca 100 years ago. This was before the renovation and the floors were still hardwood and the ushers were extremely polite.

In 1986 I taped the Kaiser New Years shows. The 1st night David Crosby came out and played solo acoustic for 45 mins. He was very grateful for this because he had just be released from prison (I think). The Dec 30th show was rocking' with the Neville Brothers playing the second set with the band. _
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Re: Best Shows of ALL TIME

#76492 3 years ago
I missed Jerry

Saw The Dead 3 times and would have to go with the 5-9-09 because it was my first Dead related show and the Viola sandwich to open the show was all that was needed to get me on the bus! www.archive.org/details/dead2009-05-09.m262.flac16

Saw Ratdog once at Humphrey's By The Bay in San Diego 2009-09-04 (haven't found an aud yet ) Fell in love with The Eleven and Brokedown that night!

Also seen 7 Walkers 5 times the first being over Halloween weekend in Yosemite where they played until the sun came out! Killer versions of He's Gone, Bertha, Death Don't Have no Mercy, Papas stage banter, and Billy's wicked drum solos! Next to Furthur this band is my favorite live touring band out there right now, crazy talented musicians with a swampy funk spin, loved with Reed Mathis and love em with George Porter Jr. www.archive.org/details/PapaMali2009-10-31.flac16

Seen Furthur 15 times and I would have to say my favorite was the first day at Shoreline this last June, still holding down the BEST MORNING DEW my lucky lil ears have had the pleasure of hearing post Jerry www.archive.org/details/furthur2011-06-0...square.113921.flac16

But I know my Favorite show is going to be NYE in San Francisco that's comin up right around the bend!!
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Re: Best Shows of ALL TIME

#76517 3 years ago
Grateful Dead---this is impossible..i've never seen the grateful dead but have listened to nearly everything available through archive and torrent sites. i could never pick a favorite, there is just too much and it's all too different

JGB--i've always loved the oregon state prison show

Ratdog-- 2006-10-30, strange dark star theme to the show, brought a lot of my friends in college to their "first show"

Phil & Friends---2006-07-02 all around fantastic night a wonderful song selection, larry campbell on all sorts of instruments, a brief appearance from trey and also 2007-10-20 trey guested that night in glens falls, highest energy and craziest setlist..the after party was also a few of us jamming in a studio 2 blocks from the venue with a party of people literally dancin in the streets, it was incredible

Furthur-- another impossible one, being to 85 shows and listening to the ones i wasn't at, i jsut can't choose...one that sticks out, stroudsburg pa 2010-07-05

The DEAD- vernon downs 2003
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Re: Best Shows of ALL TIME

#76537 3 years ago
GD,JGB,Furthur the shows ive attended ,why cuz i was there i loved the solo jerry the best
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Re: Best Shows of ALL TIME

#76754 2 years, 12 months ago
Grateful Dead: too many great memories to choose a single show as "best of all time"

JGB: pretty much the same answer as above, but the one Garcia/Grisman show that i got to see was pretty awesome.

Ratdog: never went to see Ratdog (too much Bob for my taste)

Phil & Friends: never went to see Phil & Friends (in hindsight i wish i would have gone to some of the P&F shows)

Furthur: i haven't seen many Furthur shows, but so far the 2nd night at Eugene (09/24/11) is my favorite

The DEAD: never went to see The Dead.
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Re: Best Shows of ALL TIME

#77181 2 years, 12 months ago
W the Weather Report Suite in Geneva on 10/30/06 was some of the finest music I have ever heard in person.I'm more of a Jerry guy.I went to Ratdog shows whenever they came around the area though.The WRS caught me oof guard.It was played so amazingly well.The acapella Attics encore was damn sweet toowww.archive.org/details/ratdog2006-10-30.spyder9.flac16
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Re: Best Shows of ALL TIME

#77182 2 years, 12 months ago
Hey FF your favorite GD show happens to be my 1st birthday!!!I enjoy that show too!
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