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Re: 4/1/11 Hampton Coliseum Hampton Va.

#8586 3 years, 6 months ago
I'll call this part 1 of 3. Hampton was the first of a 3 show run for us. After RatDog and PL&F shows, the buzz about this latest incarnation of musicians was increasing dramatically. Couch-tours and incessant vicarious pleasures through setlists and reviews continued to excite. Inside the coliseum, I sat beside a guy who hadn't been to a show since the nineties, who'd been persuaded to come out. We were both hugely impressed with how "same as it ever was" the scene had become. So remarkably homecoming! The lot scene is that beautiful, magical, chaotically-serene environment that provides that home-at-last sensation. Babies in strollers, elderly with canes, all in-between; cedar and sage, burritos and goo-balls, dogs, beers, "who's got an extra," patchouli, nag champa, guitars and sizzilin fajitas.... With a chill to the wind, a nip to the air, I took it all in; noting a welcome absence of nitrous, and the strange absence of drums. Extacy and texting were the only reminders of the passage of time.

Inside, the lights drop, and the roar of the crowd woke up a part of my soul that had been scratching to get out for quite some time. "One More Saturday Night" on Friday? Oh, of course! April Fools! Just rippin'! Into a solid "Promised Land," my impression was "rock & roll!" Hard-rockin, to be sure. A nice "Foolish Heart" set me up just perfect! In the middle of "Brown-Eyed Women," my buddies and I giggled to each other, "this is only the fourth song" we laughed, "of the SHOW!!" The jamming was amazing and joyful; if the old man's gettin' on, dude, he's hiding it very well, cuz he shows NO sign of letting up! I hadn't heard this form of "Maggie's Farm," and kinda, sorta dug it; a pretty slow tempo that gave me time to catch my breath and get my bearings. "Octopus' Garden" was very nice indeed, very spirited, and the "Mexacali" was a lot of fun. The jam that followed was intense and inspired! In fact, I found that ALL of the jams (or transitions?) for the rest of this and the other shows were to be some of the most transcendent music to reach my soul ever! "Quinn" set-closer was a great sing-along joy.

Let me state this for those who haven't figured it out yet: Joe Russo owns this band!!

I have longed to see the whole "Weather Report Suite," and was overjoyed with how gorgeous this band executed it! Praises to Jeff & Sunshine!!!! The "Let it Grow" was truly face-meltingly phenomenal! "He's Gone," and "UJB" were sweet and solid, with way wild trippy jamming in "UJB" and more amazing harmonies. "She came in through.." was amusingly surprising, we'd already gone to the "Octopus' Garden" in the first set; and Bobby was wonderfully animated! "China Cat" started very cat-like; hesitant and reluctantly coaxed out; and remained relatively cautious. The ending jam, tho, was the next April Fool's surprise; a fine little "Rider" -esque bebop ends abruptly with a HUGE Phil bomb straight into "Shakedown," and the place went nuts! "Black Peter" brought it all to a slightly shakey landing. A somber song with a not-entirely-enthusiastic rendering, yet JK continues to shine, with Jeff trading sweet runs with him; and I, for one, find the "See here how everything...." reprise verse a highly welcome addition. Of course, we were up for the grand April Fool's trick with the build-up of "Good Lovin," where "I was feeling..." should have come in was another extremely abrupt change into .... uh .... what's that?..... Zeppelin?!! Far out!!! JK had a great time with the vocals and nailed the guitar parts, and Russo..... dude, this song had his name written all over it! The "Good Lovin" was just pure joy and jam, and a fine ending to a sweet, sweet show! "Box of Rain" was a refreshing mist in the sunshine! On to Charleston!!!!
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Re: 4/1/11 Hampton Coliseum Hampton Va.

#8648 3 years, 6 months ago
bokb karma UP for these great reviews

right there with ya for the mini-tour three-for
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