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Re: Furthur shows

#75554 2 years, 12 months ago
wlewis wrote:
beesaul wrote:
Hey guys. This is my first post here, but I'm sure it won't be my last. For some reason, I hadn't even thought about there being a Furthur message board, but I'm glad I finally thought about it and found it.

I'm a regular poster on week4paug.net (around 3500 posts), and I sometimes visit PT, although that place is kind of a joke imo. Unorganized, and full of trolls, with too many mock threads for my taste, and only 50% of the posts are serious/intelligent.

Anyway, I just finished giving the show from The Joint - 2011-10-04 a listen. I listened to the live stream, but kinda drifted in and out, as I had a ton of other stuff going at once. Surprisingly, I prefer the first set over the second. On paper, without hearing the show first, I would immediately assume the second set blew the first out of the water. I'm sure most of you would feel the same way. It was just something about the flow/song selection in the first set that really caught my attention. Although set II looks heavenly on paper, it was just a tad sloppy IMO, and at times felt like the guys were a little "winded". I really enjoyed the China Cat > Minglewood opener, as well as Maggie's Farm through China Doll.

I'm not a huge fan of Casey Jones, but it worked well here as a first set closer.

I'll post some thoughts on set II later, but for now, I'm going to explore the board a bit.

welcome to the furthur forum beesaul, we are glad to have you aboard...you are certainly not the first nor the last person who has come here seeking a more positive environment from other message boards..

as far as the vegas show goes, that's an interesting viewpoint, but i'm sure you're not alone there...i also thought china>minglewood was strong, but i thought the maggies was too slow and boring, including bob starting to sing minglewood, again...cosmic, welcome to the dance and china doll are all great though..i think casey jones has a time and a place, but it was a trainwreck on this particular night...

you're right though, on paper, 2nd set looks out of control...playing just seemed off, band was not into it, neither was the crowd.

i think rolling stone and liberty were my favorites of the night

hope you enjoy your stay here at the fabulous furthur forum

Yeah, the Casey Jones was indeed a trainwreck, but as far as placement goes, you'll hear no complaints from me, even though I don't care much for the song.

I guess Maggie's might have been a bit slow, but I just love that song, so I was happy to hear it.

And I totally forgot about Bobby singing Minglewood again! LOL

Anyway, I'm thinking of spinning another Furthur show tonight. I've been on a HUGE '82 GD kick lately, but I'm kinda feeling Furthur for tonight. I've built up a pretty good sized library of Furthur shows, and there are still several shows I haven't listened to yet...
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