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"Why don't you arrest me"

Chris Robinson Madison, WI October 8, 2011

#70479 3 years ago
Well lets just say the encore was worth the price of admission, made me feel real good inside. If you are in a town near a date, YOU MUST GO SEE THIS !!!!!!

Set List I

1.40 Days
(Chris Robinson & The New Earth Mud song)
2.Tomorrow Blues
3.Tulsa Yesterday
(The Black Crowes song)
5.Star or Stone
6.Poor Elijah / Tribute To Johnson
(Delaney and Bonnie cover)
7.Silver Car

Set 2

9.Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go
10.Lizzie Mae
11.Train Robbers
12.Vibration & Light Suite
13.Ride Play Video
(Chris Robinson & The New Earth Mud song)
14.I Ain't Hiding
(The Black Crowes song)
15.Mississippi, You're On My Mind
(Jesse Winchester cover)
16.Sunday Sound
(Chris Robinson & The New Earth Mud song)

(Jerry Garcia cover)
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