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Re: Set List Thurs. 10/6 The Greek, LA

#69981 3 years ago
FareTheWell wrote:
hunter wrote:
Additional obsevations:

Phil as the unquestioned band leader is very impressive. Truly driving the music, whipping the others into shape when required (man-- you can hear him communicating through his total domination of his instrument)-- what a master.

Bobby was pretty darned subdued really. Loved the Attics to close. Freaking mellow-- and felt once again like another Jerry tribute. Having lost my wife to cancer recently (at a young age, no less), the DDHNM, Ripple, Rider, and Attics really resonated emotionally on many levels.

Sorry to hear about your loss Hunter- I have to agree with you here, Phil was an excellent conductor all evening. Love hearing Colors of The Rain again. This is a lovely Furthur Phil tune that has potential to stand with the classics. Well developed with room to build. Also, Mountain Song was a nice treat- Phil’s son wrote this number I believe...

I believe it's a traditional song which already had some lyrics and Phil's son added more to it.... I've heard Jerry do a version of this song though I can't remember when it was from or who it was with. I think it was David Crosby among others and sometime in the early 1970's.....
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Re: Set List Thurs. 10/6 The Greek, LA

#70015 3 years ago
Did anyone climb outta shakedown valley to see that view from the observatory. I'm pretty sure LA is only that clear once or twice a year. BTW I saw one cop on a bike the whole night and he was surrounded by wookies and left after a few minutes. East Coast, West Coast I dunno, nice crowd I cruised all around before the show and there were was definitely a wonderfully broad spectrum of humanity in attendance, show was a great ride , first set seemed although good a little downtempo/disjointed or something couldn't put my finger on it, on a somber side I guess I would say in retrospect, I completely get it now that I know it was dedicated to Jobs, I guess that is what Phil said at the close, wish I would have heart that at the time. Second set, after I found my spot, yes away from those talkers someone mentioned, I thought I was on my way to an out of body experience. Whew, nice. Please on more year Phil(at least ). A little bird told me this may be it and apparently he hasn't been wrong yet. Next year if there is one I gotta go on tour. East coast get ready they are coming. Thank You Furthur
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Re: Set List Thurs. 10/6 The Greek, LA

#70526 3 years ago
Bee_Hoo_UB wrote:
I started to read this and was like, "this is so weird, this guy had the same experience as we did"! Then I realized who you were LOL. yeah, good and accurate review! Except the 4th song was Here Comes the Sun, not Here Comes Sunshine . But I'll chalk that up to the 6 hours of sleep in two days.

LOL, yes, lack of sleep! Though Here Comes Sunshine would have been great now wouldn't it?

I'm curious to get a copy of the show, I have a feeling it'll be quite different under different circumstances.
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