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Tom Banjo

We were all blessed with talent!

#6901 3 years, 6 months ago
WOW! Oh my god! Holy cow! (I can't truly express myself!) - The show at Radio City on Sunday was unbelievable. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed saturday's show too but sunday was one of the best I have ever seen (including all those from the old days). We were blessed with the appearances of ELvis Costello, Teresa Williams Larry Campbell and others, most of whom I don't know. I mean, I am certainly not an Elvis Costello fan but he held that guitar like it was a machine gun of sound. There was one point when Bobby and the others were all lined up on the state, just waiting for their signal, looking at Costello...waiting. And when it came, it came like a goddam bang from heaven and my soul rocked so damn hard. I was a blooming flower, clibing the vine of divine mystery and exploding into full bloom at each energetic high moment. I have been doing this a lot and I truly had a blast that night and that weekend (but then again, I always have a blast when I go to dead shows).

So now we gotta wait...wait for the damn southern shows and then wait for them to come back from the west coast. Anyone interested in seeing Wigjam, Reflections or Splintered Sunlight? They are awesome bands. Wigjam and Reflections play near NYC but Splintered SUnlight requires a road trip to the Maryland area, and I am so stoked for that one! I live for the music of the dead and cannot see enough of them. I often go to the shows by myself or with my girlfriend, but I broke up with her and so now I am left by myself or with my few friends around. Actually I end up seeing a lot of heads that I see often at the shows, and we are all buddies but we only see each other at the shows. I am a big Mexicali fan as I am always there! Please, dude or dudetter, come with me and walk along the Black Muddy River together with Cid and let's have a blast! If you love the dead, then I love you!
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