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Re: Set List Wed. 10/5 The Greek, LA

#75631 3 years ago
this show was the closest we cut it to showtime for the tour, walking in about 30 seconds into TMNS...traffic in LA is freakin' horrendous i honestly don't know how anyone could deal with it on a regular basis

tmns was alright some flubs from weir kind of killing the groove a couple times but overlooked pretty easily, at this point it's run of the mill to anyone who has seen them a few times...bertha was well played as always--bouncy is the word i use for this one, nice groove that just goes up and down. i really liked the middle jam section the best, jeff and jk doing good interplay, but some of it still sounding forced. they are still developing that bond of using each other to the others advantage for the music's sake..phil leads the way into a barn burning cumberland, everybody taking it out there to the brink and bringing it back..brown eyed women was pretty good, jk taking a very laid back approach to this one. you can hear him trying to find new routes during his solo. the bridge part was not as dynamic as i like it but in the big picture it fit well with this rendition...peggy-o i am torn on. phils vocals are clear and understandable-great really, the music sounds good-2 solos from jeff, i just do not like the phrasing they are using with the lyrics--too much space in between kind of makes the song sound like it is dragging. i will tip my hat to trying new things but i prefer the other style better for that tune...magnolia mountain is a beautiful song, done about once a tour by these guys. jk plays sweetly and his voice is nice and soft for this.i really like the lyrics of this. the ryan adams tunes almost seem perfect for jk. it is funny because he was not familiar with RA before furthur, and phil basically pushed the material on him. this version we get a unique outro jam that quickly becomes obvious we'll be getting another jack straw...they drop into it wonderfully, everybody gaining momentum, jk soaring like an eagle..the vocals were great and the jams were good, jeff and jk really trading it off again..jeff heating the fire and jk coming in and smoking it like a joint..new speedway was a good way to end the set bob was strong for the most part and the jams were nice and flowing....one way or another, this darkness has got to give...."probably not til morning though, but we'll be seeing you a bit sooner than that" classic weir hahah

got to meet up with an old friend during setbreak and walk around quite a bit, getting lost in the gardens with the plants, forgetting briefly where i even was

2nd set opens up with a perfectly creepy lost sailor, bob using the proper dark emotion, into a joyous st. of circumstance, good energy nice contributions from everybody, especially russo...he understands the dynamics of a drum set including cymbals so well, it's crazy. i love the back end jam that builds up, peaks very quick and simmers down into a phil guided crazy fingers..extremely well played version jk with just the right inflection in the vocals. this is one song i am glad the band plays often..she came in thru the bathroom window was cool novelty (again) but nothing special, just getting some nice energy from weir on it really...again phil subtly guides us, this time into eyes of the world. i love the dissonant piano we get from chimenti early on in this one, sets the tone for a psychadelic groove, everybody just weaving in an out of each other, the sounds blending very well. they speed up the end with a nice jam and digress nicely into a heart warming he's gone, shared vocals not bad, john does a good job stirring things up in the backend jam, wondering if they'll ever do a nobodys fault but mine--heard traces of an instrumental tease before but that's about it..a little confusion on the upcoming transition, sounded a little erratic, hints of a spanish jam even. but john slides a little terrapin riff in there and about 30 seconds later we're there, weir hitting some nice riffs on the intro, lady with a fan is done well, a well explored jam within..not bad jump to at a siding, russo's drums are essential for this remainder of the song, such a strange underwater caribbean vibe, the compass always points to terrapin, jk botches a few parts of terrapin flyer, one really obvious one but they get through it...NOW, right then phil lifts up his bass sets it down and walks off stage, i have NEVER seen phil walk off stage during a set like that..everybody else continued noodling around and it seemed apparent they were going to continue playing. this noodling brings us days between, but still no phil...bob starts singing, i will not lie it was interesting to see the space that phil fills, but i was concerned..eventually you can hear the crowd start randomly cheering, and that is when phil walked back on stage, and he put his hand out and down in a "quiet down" manner...phil just jumps in like he was playing the entire time...my guess (as a musician myself) is that he had to take a leak, EXTREMELY bad. i mean i really don't know what else..but it just seems amazing that it would happen that one time...GD had drums/space and i'm sure that time was used for restroom aside from everything else...i was still a little concerned...anyways, standard days between, didn't get to where i would have liked but they quickly kicked into goin down the road feelin bad, nice work by jk, phil chimenti and russo providing the backdrop f or him to dance around..jk goes for the little bid you goodnight jam at the end but phil aggressively cuts him off, end of set..bob instantly went over to phil and said something (probably are you ok?) it looked like he said ya all good..phil announces the very tight curfew of the venue so he is quick and to the point with the donor rap

they play an extremely shortened 2 minute version of johnny b goode, weir says "out of time" and that's it...really strange ending to the show

overall it was pretty darn good just a few things nitpicked throughout...it was fun i had that gigantic aisle on the left side of section A practically to myself with some cute spinner chicks. we all danced the night away the moon was beautiful, jupiter was high and bright (entire tour, just centered above the stage at red rocks)...a really nice surprisingly COOL night in la la land!
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