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Re: Setlist 10/04 Las Vegas NV

#68572 3 years ago
FurthurFlower67 wrote:
Great show last night!!! I was listening on my iPad and there had seem to be a few minute delay from the real time. So I couldn't hang out on the board and risk ruining the surprise! But I sure had fun last night! Dancing, dreaming, singing! And I love these new smiles!

Also when Casey Jones came on I got real concerned for Bobby there for a second. But not just Bobby forgetting to sing, but the band did not seem in sync with each other. I was a little surprised to hear this. I only wish I could have seen the stage to know he was ok! But he did make up for it in the 2nd set. I love Viola sandwiches! With a Do it in the Road was real nice! Gosh I love when they go Weather Report before Let it Grow, thats how it should always BE! And can never go wrong with a Scarlet>Fire!

Only 4 more shows left. Let's hope Bobby does something in the TRI Studios to help past our October pass by quickly until November tour!!!

There was definitely a delay for mobile apps. I switcged from laptop to ipad mid maggies farm, and when i did, i heard the end of minglewood again. Prob about 3 maybe 4 minutes behind.
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Re: Setlist 10/04 Las Vegas NV

#68575 3 years ago
I knew something was up! I was chatting with a friend and they told me they were on stage and they were playing China Cat. Im sitting there thinking Gary is still talking what is going on! I was a little upset at first but just got GRATEFUL for a stream...even it it was 3 or 4 minutes behind
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Re: Setlist 10/04 Las Vegas NV

#68580 3 years ago
Until bobby falls out on stage (god forbid) . He's good. I couldn't imagine trying to remember all those lyrics and different arrangements. We love bobby
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Re: Setlist 10/04 Las Vegas NV

#68623 3 years ago
I am certainly thankful I did not stay awake for this one. Reminded me of a couple 84 and 86 shows where I should have stayed in the lot and listened to a tape!!! LOL

Look cats, callem like you see'em. This is nothing new. from the beginning there were outings that were godawful and some that are stellar. In fact the band has ALWAYS known this and are certainly aware a true fan will be their hardest critic. The second set was better but like I always say,"You cant fall off the floor!!!" Even Russo was not his typical beast on the skins.

I hope the fall tour is not plagued with the same issues with hardly any travel days. These guys are going to be beat.

Highlights for me.

1st set.

hold on. wait a minute, um, be patient I will find one. China Doll

Second set was ok. Good song placement. Scarlet>Fire in Mt was much better.
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Re: Setlist 10/04 Las Vegas NV

#68629 3 years ago
well we got into town the night before, band members being sighted just about everywhere, got good sleep, woke up early went and raged a buffet nearby, came back and vaped the day away met taper t square and tmgolf..i was down eating a burger at a restaurant here on site and afterward saw jeff chimenti and got to say hello, and thanks for everything...anyways...lot of drunk fucked up people, line getting it was outrageously long, walked into china cat about 60 seconds late...found some space down front

china cat was fun, nothing out of this world but well played, bobby seemed a little tipsy..decent segue to minglewood, bob was looking strong up there but he seemed quiet..maggies farm started and he starting to sing "born in a desert"...not only did you have to play 2 songs i could do without in a row but they had to sound exactly the same and you had to start singing the first tune during the second...cosmic charlie was another repeat, not bad, crowd was really enjoying it the vocals sounded great...the next tune turned off 85% of the crowd, welcome to the dance..i like it, phils music is always really complicated and all over the place..this is one they've only played a handful of times (it was shelved for quite a while) and are still working on finding their groove..i really love the catchy backend jam on it, the beginning is dark and strange, yet still fun to listen to both the music and lyrics..what follows was one of the highlights of the night for me, china doll...john did a good job, although this lady wouldn't shut the fuck up in front of me talking about how she walked out on phil singing it once in 99 and eventually i just asked her to quiet down while the band was playing, she actually did...long pause until rolling stone and it seems each time it's played weir and john need to figure out how they're gonna do it right there on stage beforehand..it was better than some previous versions, they really did a good job, i kept laughing at us staying at hard rock and them playing like a rolling stone...the tranisiton to casey jones was sloppy, john was charging the lead but everybody else was almost resting or something, and this never even really peaked...the end only got a few levels up in speed..really disappointing repeat..

overall this first set ranks as one of the worst sets of the tour in my opinion..the jams weren't very great, bob seemed drunk, and the crowd energy sucked

great thing about this place is that you can leave and go anywhere during setbreak...i ran back to my room for beers and a vape...

sorry folks unfortunately we are leaving for LA right now and i can't finish the review, maybe on the RV, maybe tomorow, see ya'll from the PIT tonight

edit: here is the 2nd half of my review

2nd set kicked off with a nice golden road, jk was really tearing it up he sounded good, but that was all that stuck out, rest of the band seemed to be lagging behind or just not on the same level as john...viola was a nice choice the joint was jumping they played around the first verse i figured we'd get a sandwich..the transition to midnight hour was a trainwreck, phils face was priceless, just like "whatever, let's get through it"...midnight hour was standard, better than some other versions, but still dragged a little..back to viola for a little while, this jam seemed to have 2 different peaks if i remember correctly, and a sloppy segue into WDWDIITR..the beginning of this was pretty bad, missed vocals really sloppy playing..it picked up some steam but remained funny for novelty, and that is about all i can give it..and to round things off the last verse of viola..as they wound down they found themselves queuing up WRS...the intro was butchered by bob, multiple times..to the point where a restart seemed like the better option...jk's sweet tone made it tolerable and the let it grow was pretty good, but it didn't pack the punch if needed with a properly played prelude/pt 1...stella blue was a highlight of the night for me, jk taking it head on in the right direction..phils bass was pure bliss during this one, carefully scuttling around that fretboard..scarlet fire to cap the set was good, not great...jk didn't take a 3rd solo, is this happening more and more?? the fire was not where it could have been...

the liberty encore was another highlight of the night for me, it was played well lyrics were sung right and bob was killin it, best shape he was in all night

overall the show was probably my least favorite of the tour..the scene was neat to be back in the casino, staying on site, and seeing band members (i met chimenti during the day, and my friends saw everyone else)..sound wasn't excellent inside but not terrible...crowd energy was strange, lots of talkers and people most likely unaware who they were even seeing..like someone else mentioned it is not terrible considering the great 3 nights at red rocks..i just hope they kick it up a notch for these last 4..

see ya guys in the PIT tonight look for t he headband and the pouch
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Re: Setlist 10/04 Las Vegas NV

#68632 3 years ago
Thanks I was waiting on a first hand review.... to see what those there thought. To my ears I agree with New Yawker:

First set highlightes: China Doll rest of set disaster
Second set - Better but still pretty lame.. very few Bob vocals and he whispered most of em... the Do it in the Road was a total train wreck.. the Let it grow was decent but bob didn't even sing the crescendos like IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII AMMMMMMMMMM
I went to sleep at the beggining of Scarlet a man can only take so much butchery. Like NY said I call em like I hear em and will be the first to say a show is great or epic IF IT IS. Even Babe Ruth struck out sometimes. Which leads me to my next thought.... tonight is either gonna be off the charts smokin... or more of the same if Bobby is havin vocal issues. Wlewis I respect your opinion ..you said set one was one of the worst sets from this tour.. what could possibly have been worse?
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Re: Setlist 10/04 Las Vegas NV

#68661 3 years ago
Fun show last night. I had to get up and do somethings this am. Made the day kinda fuzzy, but nice.
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Re: Setlist 10/04 Las Vegas NV

#68683 3 years ago
wlewis: funny you should say that Bobby looked a little tipsy. the lady behind kept saying all night that she thought Bob was drunk. anyway, i thought it was a fun show. for a Red Rocks "hangover" show, i thought it was pretty decent. they played some good stuff and some fun songs.

i just pulled into LA and just checked into my hotel. LA is a soggy mess... rain, rain, rain. the last 70 miles of today's drive was hairy. visibility on the road sucked, and there were several accidents because of the weather. i saw two cars in front me spin out and almost go off the road. really glad to be off the road and under a dry roof. if the weather continues this is gonna be an interesting event tonight. perhaps Bobby will break out "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall".
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Re: Setlist 10/04 Las Vegas NV

#68729 3 years ago
SunshineSue wrote:
doin_that_rag wrote:
well i think i might have to invest in a subscription to sirius after tonight that was a pretty awesome experience

It gets addictive, especially in the car. I have to ask: what's the paper on?

Ain't that the truth. I swore I would never pay for this, now I cannot live a day without it. I even now go for drives on Sunday afternoon just to listen to tales from the golden road (which I also didn't like at first). Last night I sat in my driveway when I got home just to hear more of the show.

Just never pay full price. Plenty of deals. For $4 or $5 a month it's great. I love it in the car as there are multiple speakers and the quality from XM is real good. Plus I drive 2 - 4 hours a day, so I get my $ worth.
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Re: Setlist 10/04 Las Vegas NV

#68741 3 years ago
Walk in the Sunshine wrote:
Wlewis I respect your opinion ..you said set one was one of the worst sets from this tour.. what could possibly have been worse?

the 1st set the 3rd night of eugene was in the same pool
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