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Re: Set List Sunday 10/2, Red Rocks- EARLY START!

#67747 3 years ago
Having been to the stellar Sunday show I would describe the band as many things but "rude" is certainly not one of them. Given the relaxed atmosphere (which I loved) I fully expected a late start so was pleased when they came on shortly (10 minutes) after 5PM listed showtime. Anyway I wasn't hinking about the time nearly as much as how lucky we all were to be there. What a treat!
And three day package deal?? Why would they? This is not a resort. It's one of a very few great collective experiences. Enjoy it or let someone else.
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Re: Set List Sunday 10/2, Red Rocks- EARLY START!

#67766 3 years ago
dmuhlberg wrote:
"Early Start" is right. Honestly I thought it was pretty rude the way they played for exactly one hour first set every night, then would proceed to take as long of a set break. This isn't a Dead show, so please show some tact and give us what we paid 71.00 after ticketbastard for.

Also, shows started fifteen to half hour late Friday, Saturday, and on Sunday, with the 5:30 start.... SURPRISE!!! 20 minutes early. So Rude. I know some people make it in hours before, but honestly show some tact.

And Bobby cuts off Rueben and Cherise prematurely to kick into Miracle. In general this whole run Weir was aggressively trying to lead and cut off others. Never usually a complaint but this run it was obvious.

The setlist was nice, but thanks to the unpredictable start times and lack of communication with REAL starting times, I missed most of the opening two songs. Might be my last shows for a while. Broomfield sets have been better than Red Rocks sets last two years in a row anyways.

Not to come down like this, just makes me angry that we pay nearly 80 bucks to see them, no three-day package deal, and they play two and a half hour shows consistently each night with unpredictable start times. If theres a community, treat it like they're is


their first sets almost always go over the 60 minute mark, even if it's by a little bit..and not one single setbreak on this tour has gone over 45 minutes...phil and bob are old they need to relax and prepare for liftoff for the 2nd set..for some of us like myself (not because i'm old, i'm 24) they were on nearly on time friday at 7:34, saturday they went on around 7:48 and sunday they went on around 5:10, with a 5 o'clock start--read your ticket..bob cut off john on reuben? i didn't hear that, i just heard weir fucking up the transition into miracle, and heard him cut off john on l.l. rain

i think your own negligence put you in a position to miss any music, if you read the start times on the tickets, it's not difficult...call the venue, ask when doors open

the broomfield shows from this year were phenomenal, i think on level with this years red rocks shows...both of last years in both of those repsective venues were pretty good in my opinion
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Re: Set List Sunday 10/2, Red Rocks- EARLY START!

#68976 3 years ago
Even if Sunday was listed as a 5pm showtime, which i could have been mistaken about, my general complaint was about their long set breaks and short first sets. Also how its kind of ridiculous to pay 72 dollars (ticketmaster + fees) for each a la carte night at Red Rocks. I have the past countless years, but was just making a comment about punctuality from musicians I care for and love. Many bands that come through the amphitheater have package deals for more than one show. Phil and Bob have in the past as well.

Red Rocks is not a resort, and maybe you are a constantly paying patron of Red Rocks Park Amphitheatre, but I feel that its hard for the boys to top the pedestal of all of the fantastic shows I have seen them perform over the years. This year, personally felt like the sets were a little short and the set breaks were unreasonably long. Seen a bunch of Phil, Bob, and Furthur shows, and it just felt that way.

All the other shows on the tour looked bomb. I am also a saintly GD follower, on this night, this one specific thing bothered me. Never to offend phriend.
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Re: Set List Sunday 10/2, Red Rocks- EARLY START!

#69058 3 years ago
whah whah whah.
you might want to check your watch a bit more closely and check the show start times.
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