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Re: Set List Sunday 10/2, Red Rocks- EARLY START!

#67378 3 years ago
Thank You Coloartist and Thank You Furthur! Ka like a wind to all who joined in
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Re: Set List Sunday 10/2, Red Rocks- EARLY START!

#67379 3 years ago
Wow, they did a lot after Shakedown. Looks like a very solid ending and they even did Brokedown Palace. Hopefully they have one more Brokedown left before the end of the tour.

Vegas should be very interesting! Leavin' in the morning and planning to catch the rest of the tour.
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Re: Set List Sunday 10/2, Red Rocks- EARLY START!

#67381 3 years ago
Grateful for an early show, I've been missin the second sets the last few nights but I got my Furthur in for the evening and now I'm on to my last night shift till Vegas!
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Re: Set List Sunday 10/2, Red Rocks- EARLY START!

#67385 3 years ago
Here's the replay of the second set. I just may have to listen to it again. See you all Tuesday night!

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Re: Set List Sunday 10/2, Red Rocks- EARLY START!

#67398 3 years ago
thank you for the links to set replays, im listening to set one right now, heres the link
that was fun. my second cyber miracle. unstead of "ill see you guys at vegas" its " ill read you guys(and gals) during vegas!"
couch tour is the shiznit.br
i bet we get anouther brokedown at monterey. hopefully.
cant wait till monterey. or vegas, ill look into gettin one those things to plug the 'puter up to my home stereo, so i can have a few friends over, cause if the stream is as good as this one was sound wise, itll be worht it. i was wearing headphones and it was amazin. y
crazy brave new world we have. i look forward to meeting you guys and gals at monterey, course i said that about shorleline and i spaced the meetup BOTH days. monterey is onsite campn so ill just where and f3 shirt.(ill have to make one first)
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Re: Set List Sunday 10/2, Red Rocks- EARLY START!

#67409 3 years ago
AW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! went last year shoulda gone !
Hope they play great stuff at the Greek This show is a lot of my faves BOO HOO!!
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Re: Set List Sunday 10/2, Red Rocks- EARLY START!

#67432 3 years ago
Woke up this morning still thankful for the amazing stream we got last night!! Nothing left to do but smile Smile SMILE!
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Re: Set List Sunday 10/2, Red Rocks- EARLY START!

#67687 3 years ago
third night at the rocks, so sad...5 nights next year guys...please..it was BEAUTIFUL weather, sunny with some wind...got in line early again looking to secure some tarp space, success! row 20/21 just left of the soundboard, sound was PERFECT...i was digging the day show vibe

we all callled the samson opener, figured we'd get our sunday sermon..sounded really good, intro wasn't as lame as some of the more recent ones, nice way to kick off the culminating ceremony..the platypus has been continually begging for a reuben and cherise, during the tuning beforehand i thought i heard a hint of the song so i told him this might be the time..lo and behold it was, a joyous moment for everyone, especially platypus...nice jam afterward that finds its way to miracle, rocky transition, but overall a decent version, john (for the millionth time this tour) was getting excellent tones..something was a surprise to me but really cool, showcasing johns talents outside the realm of grateful dead..looks like rain was a highlight of the night for me, bob was nailing the vocals, and johns final solo was fantastic, although cut off a little bit short by bob, you could see him getting ready to hit one out of the park but bob stepped in and starting howling..the next one was a call for the night by me, way overdue, tennessee jed, pretty rockin, the solo section of the song was done very well, the entire place was bopping side to side..bird song was another we were highly anticipating..not as long and deep as some of the other ones they have done but good nonetheless, excellent jeff/john blending...they transitioned pretty nicely into lovelight, phil leading the way, and they had the place flying...the crowd energy was awesome, really for the entire set, they were there to play, doing their job but also taking the risks and in this case we were reaping the rewards those risks can pay off...

very lax setbreak, still light out everyone was glowing, got to meet up with a pretty gal i went to college with, then come back and "talk to telinski" with the roadtripper crew, we were all hanging out for this night, with great folks all around..i think we need bumper stickers that say "i tarped at red rocks", that whole thing is one weird scene, but hey, when you play by the rules there, you can find yourself standing in one of the best sounding spots in one of the most incredible venues in the country

2nd set what is up to bat?? the "jam" screamed truckin..it was really good though, bob was strong with the vocals, even giving us "ain't it a FUCKING shame", nice outro jam phils bombs weren't as loud as they could have been (considering how many were dropped the night before) but i could hear the lightning coming thru, and smokestack it was, really excellent, bob was howling like a champ, john was all over the solo, meandering to and fro..and this finds its way to our first (most likely only) new potato caboose of the tour..was okay, phil sounding like he was straining a little bit, and overall it didn't have as long of a backend jam as normal but they took the risk of a smooth transition to born cross eyed, it wasn't perfect but not awful, they were losing the groove at times and russo slid into a section of the song a little early once but they caught that one pretty quick...the wharf rat that follows suit was very well played..john was doing justice both vocally and instrumentally, putting the necessary emotion the song requires..as things wound down phil started moving around a little bit more and we get our 2nd unbroken of the tour...it was great, the lyrics to this song have a special meaning to me, and i'm a phil freak, so i was all about it...the middle section was pulled off very well, the transitions weaving in and out..i feel like john plays this song the way phil wish jerry would have--you can even hear old rehearsals where jerry shows no interest in learning the song, and phil is adamant about getting it down..shakedown street was a prime choice and it was excellent, one of the best i've seen them do, the entire band just cranking away..standing on the moon was a treat, bobby doing s well with it, i dig the emotion he can subtly put into some garcia songs, and we had a first quarter hanging in the sky..a big help>slip>franklins to close the set multiplied the already outrageous crowd energy by about 10 zillion..wasn't thrilled to hear bob sing so much of it but whatever, like i just said, i like him on SOME garcia songs..the slipknot was nice phil throwing down a few bombs, together they hit some really nice grooves and charged into a franklins that really kicked ass..one of those versions that remind you how much you love the song

was hoping for the double encore but we got the brokedown, very nice calm way to bring the magical weekend to a close..phil expressed his love for red rocks, and his love for us, the community

this was my favorite show of the tour overall...they sounded fantastic, and looked like a confident unit of excellent musicians

it was sad to walk out of there knowing i wouldn't be back for maybe another year, i love the energy the venue has to offer, and the music furthur is willing to bring there..as i sit here in the hard rock hotel in vegas ending this, i am delightfully happy to know i can stuff my face in my pillow and get GOOD sleep for the circus tomorrow night
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Re: Set List Sunday 10/2, Red Rocks- EARLY START!

#67688 3 years ago
Dancing in the cosmos.
"Got any nails?"
"Got any flies?"
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Re: Set List Sunday 10/2, Red Rocks- EARLY START!

#67696 3 years ago
"Early Start" is right. Honestly I thought it was pretty rude the way they played for exactly one hour first set every night, then would proceed to take as long of a set break. This isn't a Dead show, so please show some tact and give us what we paid 71.00 after ticketbastard for.

Also, shows started fifteen to half hour late Friday, Saturday, and on Sunday, with the 5:30 start.... SURPRISE!!! 20 minutes early. So Rude. I know some people make it in hours before, but honestly show some tact.

And Bobby cuts off Rueben and Cherise prematurely to kick into Miracle. In general this whole run Weir was aggressively trying to lead and cut off others. Never usually a complaint but this run it was obvious.

The setlist was nice, but thanks to the unpredictable start times and lack of communication with REAL starting times, I missed most of the opening two songs. Might be my last shows for a while. Broomfield sets have been better than Red Rocks sets last two years in a row anyways.

Not to come down like this, just makes me angry that we pay nearly 80 bucks to see them, no three-day package deal, and they play two and a half hour shows consistently each night with unpredictable start times. If theres a community, treat it like they're is

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Re: Set List Sunday 10/2, Red Rocks- EARLY START!

#67720 3 years ago
Music is a art, I go with no expectations, it is all good! I think each show is different, with a lot of similarities and differences of course. I like what they are playing, Its beens Bob's (and Phi's et et ) music for quite a while, I expect him to steer the bus on occasion! I think it has been a bit of a challenge for him and Phil to let John go in his own way, just with the history of what is, not in a bad way at all, just human nature.

One needs to relax and let things be as they are!!!

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Re: Set List Sunday 10/2, Red Rocks- EARLY START!

#67721 3 years ago
dmuhlberg wrote:
Sunday, with the 5:30 start.... SURPRISE!!! 20 minutes early. So Rude.

Sunday's start time was 5:00. they were about 10 minutes late.
Sure don't know, what I'm goin' for, but I'm gonna go for it for sure.
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