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Re: Setlist Red Rocks 10/1

#67722 3 years ago
Holy freakin' crap. I think the third night was the best overall, but the second set, second night was one for the ages. Right out of 1968. Purchased the first two shows on Sunday. I am scared to listen to the second set, second night. COMPLETE ANNIHILATION !!!
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Re: Setlist Red Rocks 10/1

#68673 3 years ago
Here's a review and a bunch of photos from the Second Night.


Enjoy! And remember, it is but one man's perspective . . .
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Re: Setlist Red Rocks 10/1

#70561 3 years ago
Definitely one man's perspective. I was there Saturday night. The first set was a little week. One more Saturday night was really good as was sitting on top of the world. It was so perfect for where I'm at right now.

Peaceful valley almost creeped me out. It was a good song but strange and caught me off guard. Then they jammed into Mexicali blues which was okay. I like that song and they did an okay job but were fllubbing some words. Then they played stagger lee which was okay but still kind of lackluster.

I was getting worried but Gimme Some Lovin was fantastic, pure magic I thought. Same with around and around. Everyone was dancing.

Enter the second set.

The opening jam into eclipse was weird and I wasn't feeling it. Mountains on the moon was really interesting and spacey. Glad I got to hear it but phils vocals were kind of weak. Right when I was worried and thought it would be an off show they started playing St. Stephen.

I don't know where this guy was but from St. Stephen on the rest of the second set was straight fire and the playing was top notch. They flubbed some lyrics on playin in the band and St Stephen but it didn't matter because the music was so good. Honestly I thought it was funny and figured the band was really spun.

St. Stephen into dark star. Oh my god it was incredible. Caution was absolutely off the hook. Pure energy and fire. Eleven was fantastic. The mountain song was good. And the 2nd part of dark star was absolutely fantastic, Jerry was hard at work there. Playing in the band I thought was really good, some messed up lyrics but they worked and made sense. Morning dew was absolutely incredible. And the encore of uncle johns band was absolutely perfect.

The second set was incredible, perhaps one of the best second sets I've ever heard. Furthur isn't always on, but when they are it is so so so so so good. It's fantastic.

I dont know what that reviewer was on (maybe nothing lol) but it was a great show. Don't let that review shape your opinion.
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Re: Setlist Red Rocks 10/1

#70658 3 years ago
totally agree. saturday night second set blew me away. for me it was hands down the highlight of the weekend. and that's saying a lot cuz the entire weekend was off the charts.
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Re: Setlist Red Rocks 10/1

#71166 3 years ago
Red Rocks was so much Fun! I understand why the Friday night setbreak was so long, they were getting fired up with C. Robinson backstage, what an intriguing bolt from the blue. They pulled it off extremely well with Bob Dylan's-You Ain't Going Nowhere>Hard To Handle>Pigpen's-Two Souls In Communion. Excellent and creative choices! Saturday, high energy opener, Stellar 2nd set. Sunday, Unbelievable combination of song choice for both sets. Jammin' all 3 nights, fo sho! We have some time to relax and listen to the shows we were not able to get to during their Fall Tour break to tide us over till November. It was great to be there, perfect temperature, surrounding beauty, the best vibes and moving music. Still basking in the love! Would be on the full tour if I had the choice, a higher power must be at work. Next month will be pulling out some of those rarely played tunes from the past, dusting them off, I imagine.
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