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Re: Set List Friday 9/30, Red Rocks

#66621 3 years ago
I liked the entire show, maybe even the first set a bit better, despite the guest and a great IKYR in the second set. All around very nice, but I'm betting they break out a little more magic tonight. Don't quite know why, but I think it's going to be a special one!
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Re: Set List Friday 9/30, Red Rocks

#66624 3 years ago
2nd night at red rocks is always magical!! GO TIGERS!!!!! lol
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Re: Set List Friday 9/30, Red Rocks

#66629 3 years ago
Josh wrote:
The first set was boring. Then they Tore. Shit. Up.

The only thing that could have made the secondc set better would have been letting Chris Robinson sing "Death Don't" (sorry Bob, you can't sing this song even remotely well).

And for god's sake, just do Lazy Lightning already!

My first show at Red Rocks was even better than I had hoped. "Two Souls!?!?!" Holy shit!

Boring?? Huh?? Bob can't sing DDHNM?? Whatever man..
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Re: Set List Friday 9/30, Red Rocks

#66636 3 years ago
I felt it was a pretty subdued show. The energy level was not even close to what we saw at Eugene. Let's hope they ratchet it tonight.

Re: Set List Friday 9/30, Red Rocks

#66670 3 years ago
Slewfoot wrote:
I felt it was a pretty subdued show. The energy level was not even close to what we saw at Eugene. Let's hope they ratchet it tonight.

that's interesting to hear. the Eugene shows definitely had a lot good energy, but on paper last night's show looks like a smoker. i look forward to hearing the recordings to get a better sense of how good the show was.
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Re: Set List Friday 9/30, Red Rocks

#66676 3 years ago
SunshineSue wrote:
They hit both "Colorado" songs tonight, so maybe a mountain theme tomorrow?

BTW, I won't be home in time to do the set list tomorrow night.

I would Sue, but I'm seeing Railroad Earth tonight. Super secret show at the St Pete Folk Fest!
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Re: Set List Friday 9/30, Red Rocks

#66685 3 years ago
I should have posted this sooner:

Furthur 9.30.11 Red Rocks Amphitheatre

When Furthur scheduled a weekend of shows for late September now October at Red Rocks, us locals snickered that these might be the first shows in the venerable history of "The Dead On The Rocks" to be snowed upon. Well, our heros had other ideas and we enjoyed temps in the high 70's yesterday with nary a cloud- a perfect Autumn day in Colorado (today will be 85!).

The boys came out in a timely fashion, and it is dark at 7:30 now, and went right to business. Bobby was chugging his guitar waiting for his bandmates to plug-in, then launched into a fine Aiko Aiko. Got us dancing and gave the band time to feel themselves and feel into the vibe of their weekend residence. Nice and exploratory, Phil digging into pockets of musical possibilities as the band and crowd bounced together in time.

Greatest Story Ever Told just ripped, well-punctuated and received with great joy. At the end there was a downshifting interlude into Cold, Rain & Snow. Played at a slower, deliberate tempo this song began building the energy which would flower later on in the evening. Once again after Cold Rain finished Bobby was chugging away, waiting for his bandmates to join him in a nice reading of Me & My Uncle- the Denver reference of course getting our coordinates confirmed.

An interesting turn found us getting two Jerry nuggets in succession- Ramblin' Rose and Loser. Just as with Cold Rain, we got a full helping of John singing and playing lead, bringing all his years with DSO into focus as all the good feelings we associate with this music came forward. Jeff added great piano during both tunes, Joe kept the beat strong, and Phil, at least in my view, continued in a more introspective vein.

Bobby shredded Money For Gasoline, first time I've seen it live and there was a very danceable groove to be had. Fun! But as always they saved the best for last, Phil blessing us with a full-voiced Box of Rain to end set one. As had happened a few times earlier on Phil led a deconstruction of the song, this time opening an unexpected window rather than just looking out of said window. Suddenly Phil was right out front leading the band and this would be the nature of things for the rest of the evening.

Set two and there is an extra guitarist on-stage, Mr. Chris Robinson. Well then, that explains the Hard to Handle soundcheck we heard. Set opens with 'You Ain't Going Nowhere,' the classic Byrds tune, Chris and Bobby sharing the vocals. This got the attention of us older folks who remember such things. (btw- the crowd was a nice mix of ages, plenty of veterans and also younger folks, the overall vibe was sweet.) Then comes the Hard To Handle, Phil leading the charge, his energy always picks up when there are more players, and he expands the space of his playing to accommodate the additional music. Amazing.

Like many of you I never saw Pigpen perform live, so when the band began Two Souls in Communion I knew that this was a special little nugget, not just on-stage. I felt the spirit of Pigpen with us on the Rocks, amused for certain, but grateful to be included and blessing us from Rock and Roll Heaven. Special thanks to Chris!

Now began the serious matters, as the band launched into Cryptical Envelopment, Phil once again in full voice intoning the immortal tale of man's mortality. The segue into The Other One was rife with explorations of a most psychedelic nature, and Phil's opening riff set the vertical seabed of the venue into a resonant frenzy of sound. Now, in my experience Phil was the predominant player for the rest of the show, he was front and center in my ears with the rest of band orbiting his gravitational center. And Phil did last night what only he can do as a musician which was to lead us on an epic journey. Such a blessing!

The cryptical outflow meandered and matured into a joyful reading of The Wheel, full on bliss and good vibes prevailed. The Wheel in turn melted into an extraordinary jam, the most interesting new musical endeavor of the evening, a deep Supplication Jam in which the main theme was stated, totally deconstructed and turned inside out, then reassembled into another statement of the theme, before departing on the wind.

Death Don't Have No Mercy is another tune that speaks of mortality, fitting for an Autumnal show in which the memories of Pigpen and Jerry were deeply felt all night. Bobby brought his passion to this one, and it was Big. And just as the song ended there was John with the first clear note, the clarion call of China Cat Sunflower.

China Rider on the Rocks, Phil's authoritative bass playing propelling band and crowd to the depths and heights of ecstasy. Under a star-filled sky we got our cool, Colorado rain and loved every drop, epic version.

And to bring the evening to an appropriate close Attics of My Life. Box of Rain and Attics of My Life in one night, American Reality.
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Re: Set List Friday 9/30, Red Rocks

#66686 3 years ago
ahhhhhhhh, red rocks...the energy, the views, the love...perhaps my favorite outdoor venue...got down a little late went in around 6:45 was in row 28 phil side, nice spot, good sound...

iko iko was a fun opener, nothing spectacular just a warm up to a fun set...greatest story was pretty good, i really wanted to hear this one...they got kind of jumbled up during the jam bob and john went different ways but they ended up saving it for the most part..the jam that found its way to cold rain and snow was very exploratory, and i was loving the tones JK was getting during the solos on it, very clear sound..me and my uncle was really solid bob was displaying confidence on this one, the crowd loving the south colorado and denver references, and jk played one really neat solo way more laid back than usual..ramble on rose was a highlight for me i thought it moved along very nicely, not choppy like some other versions sound..loser was excellent, the entire band was delivering for this one...interesting solo set up, john taking a short one, followed by a short bit from jeff, and back to john wailing it, uncommon from this group for this tune..money for gasoline was nice, and played at a much slower tempo than usual, i was able to see it in a different light and appreciate different aspects of the song..another highlight for me, box of rain..phil was loving it, with the slight vocal flub and all, i think he extended that jam in the middle a few times to make up for it, but i love that as a first set closer...i liiked this set a lot, i loved the song selection, the playing from the band was great and got better with each song..

place was packed to the gills, but moving around the smoking section and restroom really was not a problem during the break..during this time i kept seeing a tech and someone else walk out on stage, 2 people i'd never seen with the furthur crew, but i really didn't pay much attention to it

when the 2nd set started i saw this other person and it was quickly obvious it was chris robinson..i won't lie i wasn't thrilled to see him, i always feel like guests hold back furthur from what they could be doing..the first tune you ain't goin nowhere was a neat way to open up, nice and short, cool groove..during the break i called hard to handle as the 2nd set opener and sure enough it popped out right after, really cool..chris did a great job with vocals and the band hit some nice grooves..two souls in communion was another highlight of the show for me..it is one tune i had never seen furthur play (i think the only other time was on phils 70th bash, with chris)..his vocals were killer, and the boys played the shit out of that song, hitting all the small transitions..it was bliss...cryptical really spun things up for me, i love it, and the other one was pretty good...phil actually didn't hit that intro spot on, bob sounded good, it was a lot shorter than normal, and the segue back to cryptical really completed the circle..wheel was nice, phil dropping some bombs (they sound so good at the rocks) and a funky little jam that sure enough led us to the supplication i thought i heard john going for...it was pretty sweet, although no vocals like the one at best buy in march. i am thinking this could be a hint to a full on lazy>supp by the end of the tour..it was kind of funny how clueless many people were when they dipped into it, i mean, it is all the talk on our "want to hear" lists...death don't have no mercy was great, i thought bob sounded good, he puts an emotion into the song i love, the beginning it seemed to be primarily weirs guitar and it seemed the rest of the band slowly came in..china rider to end the set was the perfect choice, had everyone bouncing around....called the attics encore it sounded so nice there

overall i loved the show i thought the playing was great, and some of the best sound of the tour, phils bass was finally at a level it should be at..seemed drowned a little bit past few shows...crowd energy was not where it needed to be, especially for a sold out crowd, but hey...it's one in ten thousand that come for the show

jeff sounded great all night, awesome at red rocks because you can see everything he is doing from up above.
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Re: Set List Friday 9/30, Red Rocks

#66717 3 years ago
A couple quick notes. I'm goin to put more up in the gd section. First in 31 years of concert going I have never anywhere heard better sound ...everything was crystal clear. Oh f it I'm just gonna copy and paste this over there later. The first set HOT. I have to laugh readin reviews sometimes if you thought that first set was boring your seeing the wrong band. I have never heard JK so loud in the mix and he was shredding all night. Whole seet hot the Box of Rain was way over the top. It had alot of massive jamming that is not nromally found in Box. Actually all the first set tunes pretty much went for exploratory jams. Ok I gotta rigth now give a shout to Stranger in Boulder for securing us nice 10th row dead center seats- one of the coolest cats you'd ever want to meet. The whole crew we were with was awesome. Great vibes sounds..not one asshole the whole night...people quiet during the quiet parts and cheering/singing at appropriate moments. I also wanna note this was our honeymoon shows and alot of stuff was hittin close to home. Start the reception with an aiko aiko all day. Later married me a wife she's been trouble all my life...just a dream we dreamed one afternoon long ago. Onto set 2... I will say I wasn't overly pumped to see Chris Robinson but he did a great job...2 souls in communion was off the charts and another one that held special meaning. I told the folks next to me as he was leaving stage "now back to our regularly scheduled programming". Phil bombing away on the other one... the wheel was also long and tremendously weel played. China>Rider...dare I say epic. I should note this is walk in the sunshine not gr8fuljen. A show that while a little on the mellow side setlist wise didn't matter-- flawless execution. I don''t know why the fuck I never made it out ere but it is everything you've been told and more. Without gettin into to much detail we are staying in Morrison at what really should be named the Hotel California. Serperate cottages hot tubs and a lil shakedown post show right outside our door.. no one went to bed till the sun was rising. Oh shit and as far death don't Bobby absolutely poured his heart and soul into it and I have to admit a few tears as I have lost a lot of pople close to me and it was like being in church with the rev Weir. Anyone who says bob can't sing this really really has missed the bus and may need an auditory test as your ears musn't function. Overall a 12 out of ten on the fun scale and an 8.5 as far as the show... I am predicting alot of rockers tonight so strap in folks... this magic carpet ride got 2 more stops!!!!
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Re: Set List Friday 9/30, Red Rocks

#66739 3 years ago
gr8fuljen wrote:
I have to laugh readin reviews sometimes if you thought that first set was boring your seeing the wrong band.

First I love this comment gr8fuljen, Right on. Second, thanks for all the great reviews. You know us folks back at home,
are living this experience vicariously through you. So, keep em coming. And have fun! : )
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Re: Set List Friday 9/30, Red Rocks

#66777 3 years ago
Chester wrote:
gr8fuljen wrote:
I have to laugh readin reviews sometimes if you thought that first set was boring your seeing the wrong band.

First I love this comment gr8fuljen, Right on. Second, thanks for all the great reviews. You know us folks back at home,
are living this experience vicariously through you. So, keep em coming. And have fun! : )

i definitely agree. wish i were at Red Rocks soakin' in all the good vibes and good music, but i'm enjoying the reviews and getting pumped to get back on the road Monday morning heading for Vegas. if i can just find taper tix for the Greek i'll be all set for the last leg of the tour.
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Re: Set List Friday 9/30, Red Rocks

#66963 3 years ago
Furthur shows to me are all about song selection. I don't want to hear songs I heard the GD play a million times - no more Masterpieces, Candymen, Black Peters, Heavens Door, etc. I like Money for Gasoline, so that got me jazzed. Cold Rain? Not so much. I'm not a slavish kind of devotee. If you can't handle a difference of opinion without belittling it, you should take a long look in the mirror and do some growing up. Peace.
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