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Re: RCMH 3/27/11

#5944 3 years, 6 months ago
3rd night to a beautiful 2nd run in NYC at the magical RCMH....i was a lot more comfortable walking into this show, knowing the scene, knowing the venue, knowing the security..good vibes all around--even the NYC crowd was a little more quiet than usual!!

things kick off with our sunday sermon, a fun samson, getting everybody in the mood, nothing spectacular or out of the ordinary, although bob did toss the tambourine this particular night, thankfully earlier than some others--i'm not a fan of this intro, let russo beat the skins..i saw larry campbells gear set up before the show so i knew we'd see him, and he walks out for some CHEST FEVER, hadnt seen this done since he played for the phil a thon in 07--11/11. nice intro and good version. next this dude walks out on stage. i am in the 3rd mezz so i cannot really make out faces but by the hat and attire i thought jackie greene had made an appearance. did not take long to figure out this was not the case..elvis costello? i honestly would have never guessed..i thought he did a good job with tennessee jed. someone mentioned FOTD might as well have been any cover band--you are right, with the exception weirs little riffs. i enjoyed the ship>roses>ship..i thought it was super interesting..i would have liked to have heard JK sing at least the ship of fools..side note: this is the first ship of fools in quite some time and the first time furthur has played it at the slower tempo the GD used..furthur has played it faster the few times they've done it..cassidy was pretty standard, good transitions in the jam though...ripple was a good set closer with diana coming out and a full stage crankin.

set break was fun i scored my hampton tix--thanks nick! got to see a lot of familiar faces

was not sure what was going to be in store for this second set. a nice throwin stones to get people shakin the bones..things started to slow down and as i saw TW walking out i told the guy next to me they were going to do sunrise..it was beautiful. i liked the vocals on this one better than the one from furthur fest, although i was significantly closer to watch TW at the fest..st stephen got the 3rd mezz shaking like a madhouse, completely reversed as whats become of the baby began..earlier in the night the guy next to me said he would like to hear something completely out there and different like 'whats become of the baby'...there ya go pal, not many people make that wish and have it come true..it was outrageously psychadelic,longer than the one from FF if i am correct. the vocal volume was a little loud making some of the lyrics completely inaudible where i was..despite some peoples lack of enthusiam for this piece i think it is something worth seeing/hearing..i wish they would turn the lights on so i could see what the boys are doing..i know it wouldnt be as psychadelic but it sure would be neat to see..i had a feeling this was just the filling for the stepehen>eleven sandwich and i was happily correct...a little roughness as they were kicking in but it was a minor timing issue ...uncle johns was very sweet with LC adding some beautiful fiddle parts..up next is what i'd been waiting for for some time--unbroken chain..had been almost 3 weeks since the last, and it was at best buy...certainly not the best version but it certainly had its moments..wheel was short but sweet, a nice jam on the back end leading to the dew. we knew we were getting it..it was awesome JK really got time to use his dexterity to his advantage and give us each and every single note..had a feeling it was coming and bam sugar mag..honestly what else after that 2nd half of the 2nd set...place was up and roaring, my smile was ear to ear...

the encore left so much speculation i did not even bother, and glad i didnt because not in a million years would i have guessed this..days between? was it ever used as an encore? by anyone? many people left during this, i was stoked. i love this song i think it is a hunter/garcia masterpiece..talk about RAW emotion, there it is. there was no way this was the end, and the guests came back out for a rippin fever..it would not have been my choice but you know what thats what these shows are all about. the curveball, keeping us on our toes..crazy shows like this remind you why you see these guys and why you keep going back.

was it the best show? no. was it the worst show? not at all. was it a great way to end 3 nights in NYC with the boys? ABSOLUTELY

hey Bud---was it freaking you out that you may be a sailor on the ship?
who else is gonna bring you, a broken arrow?
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Re: RCMH 3/27/11

#5951 3 years, 6 months ago
RCMH seems like the best shows of the tour so far. NYC got the love for sure.
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Re: RCMH 3/27/11

#5964 3 years, 6 months ago
Wow...what an amazing, surprising night of music at Radio City on Sunday. I've pretty much
checked out with this band as I have certain personnel issues, but boy am I glad that I went last night!
Here are some observations. These are just some scattered opinions. Many of yours will be different...

Being a huge Elvis Costello fan, this was a dream come true evening for me.
One of my favorite singers on the planet, singing some of my favorite songs on
the planet with some of my favorite musicians. A colliding of beautiful worlds!

Ok...Joe Russo is a freaking MONSTER. Speaking of personal favorites...
this guy has played in groups with musicians from three of my favorite bands.
(GD, Phish, Disco Biscuits) He's the Warren Haynes of the drums. A whore and strumpet!
And man...he OWNS this band. Russo puts an avant-jazz-punk spin on this music.
I've never heard someone be so disrespectful (I mean that in a good way) to these tunes. (Maybe Ryan Adams?)
He's so aggressive, so different. He's constantly creating. He's got a Keith Moon thing
at times with his very fast tom cracks. Of course Bob & Phil wanna play with this guy.
What a kick in the ass! (Joe Russo = A+)

The Ship>Roses>Ship segment was absolutely stunning. There's a solo
acoustic version of Elvis doing this that's been going around for years.
Last night was even better than that one. His voice was HUGE on the
Roses chorus. Goosebumps! And as has been said...the segue back
into Ship was gorgeous. Also, Costello's acoustic guitar was very
present in the mix and sounded fantastic. This guy's a fan. He knows
the tunes. He was thrilled to be on stage singing these songs.

Cassidy was a bit of a let down after this. I didn't feel like
the jam built any momentum. Ripple with Diana Krall was very nice...
especially when her husband sang the choruses. Definitely the highlight
for me from this set was the Jed through Ship segment. The place was electrified!

Sunrise...Sunrise! Wow. What a beautiful surprise. Theresa Williams
sounded stunning. I was reminded of what a beautiful song that really is.
The band sounded great. Really nice.

The Stephen had tremendous energy with Russo powering the whole thing.
What's become of the baby was a long, psychedelic freakout with Lesh and
Theresa Williams trading crazy vocals. I loved it.

I'm gonna say the highlight of the 2nd set was Unbroken Chain. Russo
pounded the heck out of it. There were some legitimately nice jam segments.
And for once...on the outro jam...John K. dropped the Garcia mannerisms.

You see what I'm coming to here? I know there's lots of opinions on this
and I'll keep it short and sweet. Having a guy in the guitar slot that apes
Garcia's tone, phrasing, etc...is just plain weird. We've all got those
recordings if we want to hear that...or we could go see DSO play.
God bless 'em all...but, I'll never understand that decision.

I've always loved Days Between. I never thought the Dead really figured out how to pull it off.
I think this band's version sounds fantastic. The choruses really build up and get intense.
Russo pounds away. Bobby yells like a crazy person. Beautiful...

The Fever was very cool with Diana, Bobby and then Elvis taking verses.
The Attics sounded beautiful. You've got to hear this...beautiful!
Huge harmonies. What a way to end the show...

So that's it...Opinions, opinions, opinions. I will not soon forget this show.
It really was something special.
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Ohh mama, aint it good to be alive

Re: RCMH 3/27/11

#5985 3 years, 6 months ago
Ohh mama, aint it good to be alive!
This family has opened my eyes to so much in the world. For that, I am and will remain forever grateful.
My freedoms in the fire, i want to take me higher....free my soul
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Re: RCMH 3/27/11

#6268 3 years, 6 months ago
What's Become of the Baby!!?? Seriously? Why? WHY??!!

20 minutes of my life that I'll never have back - at least they played a good, long encore to attempt to return that time to us.
More like "What's Become of the MUSIC"!.

The rest of the show was EXCELLENT, of course. I was a bit surprised to hear Theresa Williams do Sunrise, especially since on the way to the show, I was listening to Donna Jean, who was at the Sirius Studios in NYC with her new band, doing the Talk Show on the GD channel.
Now I don't know, but I've been told, if the horse won't pull, you gotta carry the load.
I don't know whose back's that strong. Maybe find out before too long.
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Re: RCMH 3/27/11

#6496 3 years, 6 months ago
i actually said "self indulgent" - it was a little over the top for me (the what's become of the baby) - it was almost like a performance art piece - they did it with effects lighting, the entire stage totally dark, with just white lights shining down on phil and theresa williams, who were screaming out these crazy vocals, and the lights made them look ghostly - just so weird! if they want to do it for 5 minutes, so fine, but this went on for close to 15 -

my sense is most of that stuff comes from phil - he seems determined to literally play everything the dead ever did and to do it live - my basic feeling about it is i can't really complain, after all the great music that i've experienced from those guys, phil certainly deserves a listen from me, and i'll try anything once -

now - the rest of the show -
it did have that vibe that you get with guest appearances - it is great, and great fun with some hot music, but not exactly a pure furthur show -
the first set was wild with a smokin' samson to open, then a very hot chest fever sung and led by larry campbell, who can flat out wail on the guitar - it was fun to watch john deferring to campbell, who would go back and encourage JK to play a lead -
the rest of the set was so much fun - just great tunes, and a dance fest, with elvis costello leading the band through tennessee jed, friend of the devil, and then a very beautiful and well played ship of fools > roses > ship of fools - by this time diana kroll was on stage playing piano, theresa williams singing, larry campbell had switched to fiddle, and wrapping it all up with a great sing along ripple - great set! so glad i was able to see it (they did throw a nice cassidy in there just before the ripple - one true furthur tune)
set II - first of all, they played, including the 3 encores, for 2.5 hours (that is just set 2) - it was the longest show i have ever seen, and i've seen some long dead shows back in the day.
open with a surprise throwing stones, and just like with the samson to open set 1 they were hot immediately - then one of the highlights of the night for me- a flat out beautiful drop dead gorgeous version of sunrise, with theresa william singing - it was worth the price of admission - i loved it
we had a sense they would do a stephen, and in a sold out radio city music hall it rocked, even if it was slightly sloppy at a couple of points - the philly stephen we saw was tighter - then the what's become of the baby - i do feel like it drained a lot of energy out of the building, and it took them a bit to get it ramped back up -
but from there, the rest of the show rocked - top quality versions of the eleven (here is a youtube link for video: ) - great sing along uncle john's w larry campbell on fiddle - another highlight for me, the unbroken chain - then a powerful wheel (the vocals shine on that song!) - and finally into a great DEW, which we expected - (one thing with all the guests - JK really took a back seat - the dew was the first thing he sang solo all evening) - just thunderous crashing jam at the end, and we knew the sugar mag was sure to follow - also rocked the house!

then the encores - they start to quietly play, and it sure sounds an awful lot like days between - sure enough - what a crazy encore choice - but extremely well played, and remains one of my late garcia/hunter favorites - then all the guests came back out, including elvis, and they go into a loose and somewhat disorganized version of fever, with diana kroll, elvis, and bobby all taking verses
we knew they wouldn't end on that, and sure enough they wrapped it all up with a gorgeous version of attics of my life - just beautiful, with soaring vocals that raised the roof -
i can't wait to listen back to the show - if you look at the sequence after the "baby", it is one great tune after the other, and all well played - band having a great time -
wish i was going to binghamton tonight - it will rock, and be a "furthur roots" show - they've played some great ones in my hometown over the years -
watch out for a spectacular scarlet fire!
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