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Re: RCMH 3/26/11

#5609 3 years ago
Promising first set (although I did not recognize or like the Alice), nice Viola & lots of energy throughout. Fun Minglewood. I was waiting for a stunning second set but they had problems getting their groove until Terrapin (which was great). The Playin jam went cold, the Dark Star was mostly tentative except for one nice jam, and the Eclipse came out of nowhere. Terrifying upbeat version of Mountains that went on forever. I've been listening to every show this tour and the band is fantastic---they take chances and usually can pull off anything. I wasn't feelin it for much of this second set though. The Terrapin suite was the highpoint for me, and lovingly played.

Watch out for undercovers outside! Lots of paddy wagon trips for people handling drugs out in the open, or even simply making furtive movements. Operation Deadout, or whatever the cops call it, is still in force.
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Re: RCMH 3/26/11

#5618 3 years ago
My favorite 2nd set of Furthur in the 14 Ive seen. I thought the 1st set was good. I liked Sittin the best... I did not recognize or even know Alice...Lovelite 1st set closer was just ok for me. Short 1st set i remember thinking to myself. 2nd set sizzled my brain from the massive jam in Playing to Mtns that went places I didnt think it went. Terrapin suite>Stella>Help>Slip was the capper on the nite for me....noticed lots of kids in there 20's who love to talk during the show...why? just a pet peeve. I annoyed one girl in front of me in 1st mezzanine by asking her kindly to not talk to her friend so loud in front of me. You would of thought I ruined her Sat nite......kids theese days.
Tim The Beek
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Re: RCMH 3/26/11

#5625 3 years ago
Now that,, my friends, was what we call fun!

It was a wonderful night of music.

Sure, there were a couple of moments where the band went too far out on a limb, but that's to be expected when they're playing the way they did last night.

Thanks so much Furthur for keeping the wheel turning...
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Re: RCMH 3/26/11

#5633 3 years ago
Great show. Was seated in the Orch right next to the soundboard. I was a bit disappointed in the overall execution of the first set. The playing was very tight, but the energy after Golden Road and Viola seemed to wane from both the stage and the audience. Picked up again in middle of Lovelight, but, whoosh, set over. Less than or about 1 hour total.

My last Furthur show was MSG on 11/20/10 - so they had to hit lofty heights to amaze me, since that show blew my doors off.

Second set started with a Playing, nice (even though after the first set I was expecting something else - like maybe a nice set opening Morning Dew)... anyway they jammed this one nicely and I could feel the groove hitting hard. When they hit Born-Cross-Eyed I was riding the groove wave and NEVER stopped riding it until the end of Franklin's. EXCELLENT second set... non-stop flow without breaking the energy or vibe. Not a single let down. I listen more for the flow and vibe of the music then the song selection, and this second set had it. Along with the visuals, here we were presented with an excellent set.

Thank you Phil, Bobby, Jeff, John, Joe..... great show.
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PLEASE be quiet when the band is playing. PLEASE.

Re: RCMH 3/26/11

#5640 3 years ago
Brian wrote:
noticed lots of kids in there 20's who love to talk during the show...why?

absolutely zero remaining attention span. that, and they are addicted to their phones. No hyperbole there. can't break away from them for any length of time. it's bad enough that we need to lobby for a talkers section. it's ridiculous...and disrespectful to all of us who spend a lot of money, time, and effort to see this music.
You aren't interesting or clever when you write or speak in the lyrics of others. Rather, what are YOUR words?

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Re: RCMH 3/26/11

#5703 3 years ago
WoW.. thats what I say. my brain melted in 2nd set....blast from the past......screenshots were uplifting...was a revival for me!!!! lights were incredible and most of all.....The Music never Stopped!!! Kepp movin on Furthur !!
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Re: RCMH 3/26/11

#5716 3 years ago
now that is my kind of second set
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Re: RCMH 3/26/11

#5721 3 years ago
Holy Smokes...that's a scorcher of a set!!!!

Nice tribute to BEAR!!!!!
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