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02/11/11 US Bank-Broomfield

#542 3 years, 7 months ago
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Unbroken Chain
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searching for the sound

Re: 02/11/11 US Bank-Broomfield

#2898 3 years, 7 months ago
It was great evening
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Re: 02/11/11 US Bank-Broomfield

#2984 3 years, 7 months ago
I had soooo much fun at all 3 of these shows. I guess that's not much of a review, tho. ;/ I'm not good at puttingemotions into words, it always ends up sounding one dimensional.
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Re: 02/11/11 US Bank-Broomfield

#6861 3 years, 6 months ago
15 minute Deal!
... that one word is "why?"

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Re: 02/11/11 US Bank-Broomfield

#47357 3 years, 2 months ago
missed the first set of this one due to taxi problems but the second set was still worth it just got the most overcoming feeling right after Franklins started i cried right there in the middle of franklins
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Re: 02/11/11 US Bank-Broomfield

#47392 3 years, 2 months ago
man we were all so happy to be out here for this run...drove a subaru packed to the gills 5 of us with gear from buffalo NY...a motley crew if i've ever seen one...had a killer suite not far from the venue...

people were speculating so many tunes to open with and they did a nice little jam, sounded awfully jack strawish then phil hits a weird note almost changing things completely but they slide into that straw...really fun version the place was hootin and hollerin...uncle, loser, big river, IMHBTR, epic song trade offs between bob and JK...the deal was smokin, it wasn't actually a 15 minute deal like someone mentioned on her...somewhere in that jam they veered from the deal and found themselves smack dab in the first official my brother esau tease performed by the band...it was full on there i'll never forget looking at my buddy saying "ESAU!?!?" and his head was just shaking "yes burt, yes!" as JK hit that riff bob was spinning it down and he scaled it back and shook his head no, and they fll into black throated wind..good version nothing spectacular, really thought the esau was about to breakk out...a very uptempo brown eyed women to close the set and the place was rocked...nothing short of smiles everywhere

the 2nd set opens with the 2nd ever WRS performed by furthur, the first being 2nd night of MSG to cap the midwest/east tour in nov...this was alright, bob still unable to get that rhythm down pat for the prelude, but its ok it is quickly overlooked because of the beauty of what transpires for the rest of the suite..mountain song had the place interested, it was still somewhat new at this point only being played maybe 5-6 times..segued into agreat IKYR...they've been toying with that combo quite a bit and i said it a very long time ago on last years west coast tour it would replace a lot of the china cats that would have probably normally been thrown in to setlists...dark star was heavy, some really spacey realms entered, and lulled right into a hauntingly good china doll..intense crowd reaction that one..the rest of the show is nothing to write home about but very well played...playing>help>slip>franklins...a really nice 25-30 minutes of fun...liberty encore was actually rough bob and JK were on more than one occasion playing different parts of the songs but it had good intentions (for the people of egypt during that big uprise)

had a great time and knew the next 2 nights would be amazing, and they were
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