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03/10/11 Best Buy, NYC

#524 3 years, 7 months ago
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Re: 03/10/11 Best Buy, NYC

#620 3 years, 7 months ago
Love to know what got covered up
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Re: 03/10/11 Best Buy, NYC

#624 3 years, 7 months ago
Missed first few tunes (Sittin; High on Mntn; Cumberland) due to line -- thanks Best Buy. Got situated in time for...

Cosmic - good clean fun.
Octopus - perfect Phil cover. Very animated and SWEET harmonies from JP and Sunshine.
Sailor - EXCELLENT. JK had liftoff. Very powerful.
Saint - Phil literally squared his shoulders, dug down, and tore into beginning of Saint. Loved it! Slightly disjointed in the middle,and no outro solo -- boo!! Not the rager it could be -- felt a bit plodding.
Casey - thumping. Russo just killed it at the end. Monstrous. Great JK vox -- right in his wheel house.

Playin - fantastic w/ big ears from all players. Excellent jam that was more melodic than spacey.

Colors - this was pretty raging. This tune is the best of the new bunch, imo, but the bridge still seems off. Feel like it needs more structure from JK to define and round out. Kinda like how Jerry neatened up Victim back in the day. Needs a nip and tuck.

LET IT GROW -- highlight of set for me. Thunderous. Bobby really buckled down w/ JK and it was shredded in style. What more can you say about Phil?

Slipknot - excellent and unexpected as was...

We Love You -- very nicely done and trippy as hell. Love that this is in rotation now. Obscure, weird, cool, and good.

Unbroken Chain - also a highlight. End jam was all aces. Really impressive.

Wharf-- majestic as always, and well sung...but I thought we needed something more up-tempo in the slot. Just my $.02

TOO -- upper stratospheres. Phil cracked open his Hurt Locker and detonated one bomb after another.

Terrapin -- typically stunning. Full stop after Station. Word on the street is that Bobby scratched the rest of the Suite b/c of curfew, but still planned to cap set with Throwin Stones. But after a quickie Weir/Lesh huddle, Bobby took to the mic and said something along lines of "one more round," then they rehash last licks of Station before launching into Transit. Terrapin Flyer was very playful and colorful, exquisite playing. Russo crushed it.

Gloria -- Bob brought the heat. Serious fire. Brought the house down. A real guns blazing version.

Great set w/ many twists and turns and an unusual sequence of tunes. FYI -- Bobby played Pinky all night long.
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