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first Furthur show: 2/19/10

Mullins Center: Amherst, MA 2/19/2010

#5176 3 years, 7 months ago
The first set went by like liquid fire, starting in a unique way with NFA>Althea!!

Phil peaked his head out of his pre-show bunker on the stage, noded his head as if to say "o.k time to go" and gave Jill a kiss and converged on stage with everyone. very nice moment.

The highlight is a wondefullu jammed "Cassidy" and high octane verion of "Casey Jone's" to end the set. I was literally up-front just to the right with my fiance and a really nice group of heads as we puffed merrily all through the first set.

The second set could not have been better hand picked by me. I'm a bit of Darkstar conneseur and to get a full uninterupted, 20 min spacey version left me stunned.

The set opened with an eerie, ghost-ship sounds, creeking old wood effects that lead into the single best version of "lost sailor" i have ever heard, and i have hundreds of GD versions! Sailor>saint is played at peak ability here tonight.

New speedway boogie is played well and sung bluesy by john as it morphs into a jaw-dropping "king solomon's marbles">"Caution". in the beginning of caution Phil shoots Bob a scary look with piercing eyes as if to say "let's go dammit, what are you waiting for"? strange, but you cannot hear any evidnce of this on the matrix board.

Darkstar rushes in on the heels of caution with a thunderous theme, phil's wild new bass during this tour makes huge sound! it's an impressive sound and look! Bob's several guitar changes are all perfect, from the pink ibenez to the beautiful Gibson hollow body!

Darkstar goes through many peaks and valleys with John k making creative and impressive array of statements and flows seemlessly with mr. lesh. One of my favorite songs next to Ds is Otherone. so when "the otherone" slams out of DS I lost my mind! about 9 minutes later otherone dives into "let it grow" and being this late in the second set, I'm stunned. Let it grow is a nice, long version at almost 14 minutes. My excitement could not be bigger, my three favorite songs are Darkstar, Otherone and let it grow...so to get it in that order in the second set left me stunned at my good fortune!

NFA comes out of let it grow to complete a grand NFA sandwich!! and on our 5th anniversary! "No our love will not fade away"...could it have been any more perfect on this night? I'm thinking, no.

thank you Furthur.
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