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Re: Furthur 3/25/11 Radio City Music Hall N.Y N.Y.

#5400 3 years, 7 months ago
alrighty--wanted to get this done last night right after the show but got sidetracked...

called the jack straw opener, was pretty damn good--this band is finally starting to understand the way this song should be played on a consistent basis. mississippi half step to follow was fun--it seemed like JK never got the point he was trying to get to during the end but solid version. i thought dark hollow sounded a little rough, bob struggling to find the right feel..stagger lee is a tune i truly dig but i do not think furthur does a great job with it--it always sounds forced, like the band is not 100% comfortable with playing it...on the road again is a fun song but these guys had a TOUGH time finding the groove for it...there was tons of clashing between instruments as different memebers were trying to find their way in at different times..i wanted to hear loser so i was happy they dropped it--good contributions from JK...train in vain was a complete curveball, had the place moving though--bobby that rock star. MIGHT AS WELL to cap the set--thank you! such a fun song i've been hoping to see this band break out

2nd set in my opinion sounded a lot better, both the musicians and the room. it started out a little shaky with the handle>smokestack>spoonful..tough time with those transitions..a great sequence on paper but seems like over time it may lose its novelty if it is not cleaned up..this is where the set takes off--we are spun out into the deep dark universe where time and space no longer exist--bird song. a great version that really goes out there (dont they all?) other one was great and then it blasted off into a GREAT spanish jam, really interesting stuff--was definitely not expecting this. the eyes and king solomans marbles that came next were great, esp the eyes.. chimenti proves night in night out why he is in this band, and never lets us down on this song (or ever)..dear prudence is not my favorite cover but boy this band does a good job with it, bob vox and all..china rider was awesome it really brought the crowd energy up to maximum level. i thought for sure that was it, set seemed SO long, and bam not fade away for nyc...

a good version of touch to finish things off and thats a wrap

one night at RCMH down, it was great--it was nowhere near the highest level of playing these guys can achieve but it was a showcase that they are not afraid to do anything and literally will take things 'furthur'. i noticed jeff and joe A LOT during this show, and noticed bob and phil interacting with them quite a bit, seemed like more than normal.

the highlights for me were might as well and spanish jam.

seemed like JK was messing around with his equipment WAYYYY more than i've ever seen..must be a tough hall to get right because the guys behind the board were busy all night too..

i had no issue indoors with smoking grass---didnt see anyone have problems and we were in an area with quite a bit of security roaming. had a friend get popped outdoors smoking a joint beforehand--tons of undercovers, just wait til you're inside
who else is gonna bring you, a broken arrow?
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Re: Furthur 3/25/11 Radio City Music Hall N.Y N.Y.

#5417 3 years, 7 months ago
Thanks for that nice review, Wlewis!

I appreciate it when people take the time to really share their experience,
and I liked your comments, both praising and critical; nice!

Here is my take:

I had a lovely time at the first of my 3 Radio City shows last night.
Many friends, reunions, beautiful hall that I had not visited since
(October of 1980 epic Grateful Dead Wed before Halloween Show w/one
acoustic and 2 electric sets).

There was a marked difference in energy and sound between the 2st and
2nd sets. First set they were really taking their time summoning the
mojo, but there were some lovely song choices and a few memorable
executions. I was 8th row, and the sound was a bit diffuse for the 1st
set. We could hear everything fine, but there was a boomy reverby
quality to the music that was not present at similar seats in Fairfax.
The ceilings at Radio City are a lot higher than Patriot Center, which
might have accounted for some of that. I also heard a blown tweeter
somewhere. Great New York crowd, mellow security, fun vibe.

Highlights of set 1: Dark Hollow; I had actually called that, thinking
of Bear and Bear's Choice, and hearkening back to 1980. Always nice to
get a request, and it was poignant to me and delicately delivered,
while still uptempo enough to move to. Stagger Lee was an enjoyable
romp. On the Road again was really fun; Russo gave it a New Orleansy
backbeat that provided some fun hooks; crowd liked it a lot. Crowd
really came alive for Loser. I love hearing the hall sing along!
John K started to pick up some steam hear as his tone got ballsier and
growlier. Train in Vain was boppin; again very nice crowd response,
and I continue to appreciate a lot how at every Furthur show I get new
songs I have not heard them play. I do not take that for granted
Might as Well is such a happy sing along set closer. Very fun,
everybody was on it. Nothing spectacular in the first set, and the
sound was taking a while to coalesce, but it was their first night and
their first set, and I was happy to be exactly where I was, reuniting
with my college friend Bryan and getting together with many other
friends from different branches of my rich and wonderful life. How
blessed I feel to be able to enjoy something as much as I enjoy this
music played life in this amazing and vibrant city with fans as adoring
and positive as these. I remarked to myself and to Bryan at the end
of the first set, as I looked behind me at the illuminated crowd
singing and smiling: "I am surrounded by beauty."

But this first set was more in keeping with the classic GD first set
in terms of energy and song choice. It was clearly a warmup, and the
2nd set took off like a rocket and kept going.

Hard to Handle had everybody moving and shaking; the security was
letting people dance in the aisles, and it was a hoedown!
Smokestack>Spoonful allowed John K and the band to dig in bluesy and
get some grit stirring. Birdsong provided me with something I have
mentioned before as wanting from this group: true improvisation and
listening, with the rhythms, melodies and chords diverging into new
territory, finding a new space and coming back together. Very
satisfying jam; my only minor complaint is that I thought Phil brought
it back too soon. I felt like they had not fully found the gems that
they were reaching for, but there was definitely gold dust in the air.
I loved the moments where Phil, Joe Russo, Bobby, John and Jeff all
found a new musical idea and came together on it. This was a very
Grateful Dead-like moment, and it was satisfying and exciting. Other
One cooked, the energy, sound and kundalini were rising,Spanish Jam was
a nice touch, and during Eyes (which featured a Chimenti solo that
stood on its own as one of my peak musical moments in recent memory-
with Latin comping and tremendously melodic and magically agile runs-
well done Jeff!)my heart started to loosen its shackles and expand
outward into bliss; oh yes it did.

King Solomons marbles was simply stunning in its pace, energy and
execution. This is a challenging piece of work and every band member
rose to the occasion. This was a band that had worked on making beauty
and was able to share the fruits of their labor with us; I was fully
satisfied! Dear Prudence featured lovely vocals from the ever-tasteful
and sound-enhancing Sunshine and Jeff; we love the Beatles!
China Rider and NFA did not flag, and Touch of Grey was the perfect
encore since I had seen a screening of the movie The Music Never
Stopped 2 nights ago, in which this bittersweet and apropos song was
featured. Off into the New York night with my crazy band of prankster
friends old and new. Deeply restful sleep and the world's best
breakfast bagel at Murray's. If I tried to order that kind of Bagel in
DC they would have looked at me as if I were a space alien. I love
hearing them say the word "cheddah" too.

As I strolled down 6th ave and 10th st. in the sunshine this late
morning, again my heart chakra pushed out from its moorings, and I shed
a small tear of joy. I go to these shows not just for fun but for
something more: magic, deliverance, inspiration, hope and golden
dreams. Thanks, my enduring musical pranksters. Who knows what the
next 2 nights will bring? I'm looking forward to finding out!
"When there was no dream of mine
You dreamed of me..."
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Re: Furthur 3/25/11 Radio City Music Hall N.Y N.Y.

#5442 3 years, 7 months ago
Sounded great last night, Radio City shows always rock!
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Re: Furthur 3/25/11 Radio City Music Hall N.Y N.Y.

#5465 3 years, 7 months ago
i loved the train in vain bust out, that song always gets me dancing
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