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johnny winter 2011-08-20 the bears den

#51298 3 years, 2 months ago
so the show was GREAT...he really rocks for however old he is...he appears to be beyond 70 but that could just be years of road and fun that wore him down...he was fragile..i was having a drink and smoke in the lobby right around showtime and johnny winter is rolled in in his wheelchair to the back area of the casino...moments later in our seats his band comes out (rhythm guitarist, bass, drums) and they start playing and johnny comes out during this and starts shredding with them...

the band itself was pretty good the other guitarist was an amazing blues guitarist, ripping killer solos every time johnny let him..bass was not over the top but good, nice walks..drums was fun, adding vocals both lead and backup..

they played blues all night (big surprise) hehe and some familiar cover tunes GD used to do...good morning little school girl, it's all over now,johnny b goode..also did things like tore up and even part of gimme shelter..

johnny sat down the entire show except one tune, and the majority of the time he was playing a very small lap guitar, but man can that dude move around on there...

the venue...it is a really special place to me...it's at the seneca niagara casino in niagara falls NY..there are 2 venues this was "the bears den" a very small room with maybe 300-400 seats only 8 rows, stadium style, absolutely no obstruction for sight lines...had first row on the side with rhythm guitar, 10 feet from johnny

i saw the rhythm devils there (amongst many other acts) in the beginning of the year and met mickey beforehand, one of the most intimate settings to see music in

overall i'm VERY HAPPY that i went i would catch him again any day if he's close by
who else is gonna bring you, a broken arrow?
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Re: johnny winter 2011-08-20 the bears den

#51306 3 years, 2 months ago
nice review... sounds like a great place and show

High Times Magazine interviewed him a year or so ago - the guy still loves his ganja to!

I wish HT would feature more classic bands - the music sections of their magazine are turning into all rap and new age junk...
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