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Fresh Boarder

Re: Furthur-Charter Amp at Heritage Park - 07/29/2011

#45831 3 years, 1 month ago
2nd show in our roadtrip from Michigan-WOW, what a difference from Raleigh. Not only was the venue top-notch, the Shakedown was GREAT, even fireworks in the lot after the show!!!

Yes, it was HOT!!!! but so was the band.....
This show was incredible-best song for me was Fire on the Mtn....and hats off to Jeff!!! What an amazing musician, thanks for sharing your talent!!!

This was such a fun show....deadheads were so nice, fun to dance with...got my fix of dancing at this show----had to be careful of heat stroke/exhaustion.....

This roadtrip was a dream come true for me, always wanted to do this!

Can't wait until the next show for us...Thanks Furthur for your music!!!
Gold Boarder

Re: Furthur-Charter Amp at Heritage Park - 07/29/2011

#46023 3 years ago
I still say raleigh was better but damn it was a photo finish. The lot scene was big. No hassles until we were getting ready to leave and one of the nitrous mafia dropped he tank beside our car when the police pulled up. It took 10 minutes for us to explain it wasn't ours . He was like if I take it you want care. I was like take it and try it out if might calm you down. He reminded me of a mall cop. When estimated started I was so excited I knew eyes was coming. The scarlett fire wow. Another great night of music

Thank you so much Furthur
Platinum Boarder

Re: Furthur-Charter Amp at Heritage Park - 07/29/2011

#46030 3 years ago
It was a tie lol. Both were amazing. I usually am partial to the first show i see on any run but I can't say that this time.
Junior Boarder

Re: Furthur-Charter Amp at Heritage Park - 07/29/2011

#46494 3 years ago
I had front row in Raleigh and 5th row in Simpsonville and after listening to both shows a few days down the road I would say each one had killer second set but SC is just a little extra special. Still waiting for an Aud to listen to. The board cd's just don't quite capture Phil's Bass as powerful as he was live in those two shows.. Before it's all said and done I will down load an Aud for both shows to get that mojo we all felt
Philzone Phan
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