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Re: Furthur-Canandaigua, NY 07/26/2011

#44279 3 years ago
I fall into the camp of not really digging Bobby singing the Jerry ballads but the Black Peter has grown on me,which is weird because it's one of my favorite tunes.Last night's version was excellent if you ask me.very well done indeed,they even worked it around to the see here how everything line a second time.Well done indeed!
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Re: Furthur-Canandaigua, NY 07/26/2011

#44295 3 years ago
Fantastic. It is up on the archive already. I'll be pressing play after this smoking Cumberland from PNC!

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Re: Furthur-Canandaigua, NY 07/26/2011

#44297 3 years ago
Bakes wrote:
Fantastic. It is up on the archive already. I'll be pressing play after this smoking Cumberland from PNC!


Awesome, I went and talked to this taper before the show and thanked him in advance for his work. He has some of the better recordings on archive
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Re: Furthur-Canandaigua, NY 07/26/2011

#44319 3 years ago
well what can i say about last night......hmmm..... good show! bobby looked like shit! he screwed up more than a few times- but just as fun for us to catching him fucking up!

got to be on the isle in 2nd row center, best seats i have ever had- having said that- all the assholes who thought they could come and stand in front of me got to feel my wrath- one dumb ass tried to hang out between me and my SEAT!!! WTF people have a tiny bit of respect!! ok i wont continue on that rant cause i could go on for a while - i will just say that an awesome bouncer who i called CLINT had my back all nite and really made a bad thing much better! thanks bud!!!

this was the last show for us on this tour -- maybe i am spoiled now but.... there were some painfully slow points and at times i had to remind myself it wasn't sunday(felt like it at times) loved hearing jk sing- nice change!
i just kept waiting for them to really rip -- and they attempted it a few times- but never really got me off! my favorites were 900,000 tons of steel and they love each other was nice and uncle johns into black pete was good as well- gimmie some lovin" was about as cranked up as it got! all shows are good shows- this just wasn't my favorite.

had the pleasure of meeting Chester and 83msg & wifey -it was sooo nice to meet you guys!!! ramble on rose- sorry we didn't get a chance to meet up- hope you had fun!
i will try to get some pics up when i get a minute!
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Re: Furthur-Canandaigua, NY 07/26/2011

#44323 3 years ago
I am with you sista , I am a little girl been to a few shows where it is mostly new bees huge guys wanna stand on top of me in front of me , good thing I got a hubby with a nice touch to say hay dude my wife is trying to see you can see 2 ft over her head let her pass , usually works , I dont like getting my feet stomped on respect peace
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Re: Furthur-Canandaigua, NY 07/26/2011

#44345 3 years ago
Great to finaly meet you Queenie. Yeah, Bobby looked tired. Screwed up a few lyrics. Most notably on Promised land.
Nothing serious. All in all, a very good performance, with a lot of high points. Excellent song choices. : )
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Re: Furthur-Canandaigua, NY 07/26/2011

#44360 3 years ago
great show last nite nod to queenie and hubby the first set was a rocker for sure promised land was great train invainand they loveeach other one of my fave tunes had a blast my hotel was walking distance to the show so iwent crazy since i didnt have to drive,what a nite
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Re: Furthur-Canandaigua, NY 07/26/2011

#44468 3 years ago
Great show. Thought they would of played hes gone....cause of brent. I was at all good, so kinda of disappointing they played some songs over again but overall it was great.
Anyone else hear they played some of the beg. of loose lucy.....I got so excited but they cut to a different song. I think it was in the beg of going down the road.

Unfortunately, this was my last furthur show...I really hope they come around before next yrs summer cause I can't wait that long.
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Re: Furthur-Canandaigua, NY 07/26/2011

#44607 3 years ago
All I can say is WOW !!!
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Re: Furthur-Canandaigua, NY 07/26/2011

#44618 3 years ago
Thank you for a real good time!!!





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Re: Furthur-Canandaigua, NY 07/26/2011

#44619 3 years ago
Sorry these pics are so huge...
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Re: Furthur-Canandaigua, NY 07/26/2011

#44625 3 years ago
well this was the closest and last stop for me on this particular tour...nice to be close to home

got down to the venue area around 3ish, lots were supposed to be open at that point but nope...sat in some line for around 30 minutes and finally made it in set up our area and kicked it...we were sort of on the backend of "shakedown street" if thats what you want to call it...most of the tour vendors didn't bother to even show up "oh its too far out of the way!" --go fuck yourself, what kind of tour head are you....whatever, less wooks, less dirtbags...except the one kid who bought a 20 dollar lawn then tells his buddy "watch me sell someone stupid this ticket for 50" i ripped him a new asshole...fucking punk...went in nice and early to check out the venue and get some nice lawn space down front...tossed the blanket down and waited

i was hoping for something a little more fresh than golden road as the opener...it's energy level did not even come close to that of the bethel version...after this is where i noticed weir was a little off..he was having difficulty getting the downbeats down for BIODTL...eventually they kick off and breeze through to a shaky at best promised land...it reminded me of weirs nokia el paso from the previous summer..it ended pretty decent..tons of steel breakout for mydland (i wore my brent shirt in his honor for the day)..was very nice of them to do with the pic of brent on the screen and all..you can hear the crowd roar on the aud recording when that happens..dark hollow welcome as usual, i've loved this band playing it ever since the bust out in broomfield? it is one of those tunes i thought i'd never hear a very long time ago, and thought i'd never hear again after a bob acoustic at vibes in 06...they love each other was the quicker, sped up version similar to GD's from 73-74 (i believe) which was dropped...i also think this was furthurs first time playing it this way...train in vain i was familiar with because i saw them do it at RCMH it was alright, crowd was kind of digging it...big RR blues to close things out was a nice zinger, was thinking about that song coming out on this tour earlier that day...

set break was cool, not much chaos on the pavilion terrace, no long lines for bathrooms, no one trying to snake other folks lawn space....45 mins as i predicted...seems the only show of the tour thus far that was less than the normal 45 was bethel clocking in around 30 minutes..

had a feeling we'd get the truckin' so they could nod to buffalo (WNY in general) it was cool phil was really into it, nice drop down into smokestack, bobby really howlin' ah wooo wooo..i w ant you was actually really great i liked it a little more than the first version at best buy i think...the band was really together on the jam...as they started new potato caboose i was VERY surprised, because they'd recently played it on this tour, and that is one that doesn't usually see that kind of attention..the backend jam of caboose was teetering on the edge of a dark star and sure enough we get our 2nd of the tour...it had a lot of direction like the one from jones beach a week earlier, with a similar sped up jam between the verses...great version but i think i liked jones beach DS a little bit more...could hear JK and phil already pointing toward UJB during that jam between the verses, was able to inform my bud (who loves UJB) he'd probably be hearing it tongiht..black peter...not my favorite song, even when the grateful dead did it...this is one jerry vox tune i would prefer bob did not sing, but he gave it his all, so he gets the A for effort...musically it was very nice..wait are they about to slam into gimme some lovin? hahah yup...SWEET, another nod to brent, as him and phil always took this one..as they are ending it for the segue to GDTRFB it sounds a little choppy but makes its way into a nice fun bounce around version and a tear-jerking (yeah i shed a tear during it) AWBYGN...god bless this band

lazy river road was an awesome choice for encore...could tell it had not been played in quite some time (phils 70th??)..this time theyy alternated verses with phil even taking one..good stuff! can't wait to see this guys out west for all 13 nights...
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