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Re: Mansfield 7/21/2001 Setlist

#42872 3 years, 3 months ago
Sounds good to me........
At least I'm still enjoying the ride !!!!!

Re: Mansfield 7/21/2001 Setlist

#42877 3 years, 3 months ago
kfender wrote:
I'm sorry but at no time should Bobby be singing this tune!His voice can't hit the notes the way they deserve to be hit.I don't care if he feels a connection to certain Jerry songs,his voice isn't suited to them all.I would prefer they didn't play it at all if their not gonna let John sing it.His voice is obviously better suited for the Jerry tunes.I love the Mission and woulda loved to hear it.But i woulda been bummed once i heard Bobby singing.Don't get me wrong I love bobby but he doesn't do the slow jerry songs any justice if you ask me.Just my opinion

I haven't heard the newly revived "Mission" as of yet, so I'm reserving judgement. However, I generally agree that Bobby doesn't quite do justice to the slow Jerry tunes, and John should be singing them.
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Re: Mansfield 7/21/2001 Setlist

#42936 3 years, 3 months ago
Good times and hot as hades! That mission was soundchecked I believe and I will have to listen to a recording to thnk about the vocals. At the time I was thinking 'fuck yeah'. Second set was pretty kick ass throughout. King Solomon's Marbles was tight and punchy. Liberty is not my fave encore but last night's version was fun.
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Re: Mansfield 7/21/2001 Setlist

#42943 3 years, 3 months ago
Whoa, im listening now and glad at least I have the option of listening at home thanks to the tapers, and the archive, this is my first tour acctually trying to catch every show, in person this is the first missed one on my run and my favorite set list so far grate grateness at great woods wish i made it.....hope vibes is a blast...back on the run at the mann i know it will keep getting better <3 soo glad i get the chance to catch these guys in my lifetime
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Re: Mansfield 7/21/2001 Setlist

#42994 3 years, 3 months ago
I was at the show. Had a great time. Arrived early, which was a mistake. Sat in the A/C of the car quite a bit but took a few long walks and took in the scene and did some other fun things. Nice vibe as usual. Got to my seats just after 7. Was there for the opening but decided to walk around a bit once the show got going. I enjoyed most of the show from the center field grass. My legs hurt from dancing so much. Really enjoyed the Aiko Aiko to open the first set and the Might as Well to close the first set. I had never heard Mission in the Rain so it was cool to see something "new". I also enjoyed Two Dijinn. The set break was very long. The heat was brutal. Had a blast during Foolish Heart and Hard to Handle. The Potato and King Solomon jams nicely lead into an always great Scarlet > Fire. The Dear Prudence was nice and different and the Liberty encore was solid. Nothing against Ripple but they have closed the last (too many) Boston area shows with Ripple. I will be watching closely for Brother Esau, I was really hoping they would roll that one out for us. But another great Furthur show. I had a great time and already downloaded my copy. Thanks Furthur, come back soon!
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Re: Mansfield 7/21/2001 Setlist

#43059 3 years, 3 months ago
Yeah, that was a bummer. Part of the 1st set that put me to sleep..OK show but not great.
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Re: Mansfield 7/21/2001 Setlist

#43073 3 years, 3 months ago
I just listened to Mission in the Rain a couple times.... I thought it sounded great. I particularly liked the back up singers and the furthur arrangement. I don't think Bob butchered it, but I think it would be cool and interesting if Sunshine took the lead vocal on that one
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Re: Mansfield 7/21/2001 Setlist

#43284 3 years, 3 months ago
We had front row seats to this show and I had misgivings about being so close to the band. You see, I have been there before, at a GD show, and was crushed by heads who did not respect our space. But not so this night! The security was tight but respectful and our seats were secure. But what really impressed was the sound comig from that close. It was phenominal as was the song selection and the timing. My wife is a musician and plays many different instruments. She said it was right on and the sound was great, the band was energetic despite the 100 degree heat and 100% humidity. We each drank four bottles of water and this was barely enough to sustain our energy level, I can't see or know how the band kept the pace in this heat. But they did and I rocked out at this show. Great show Furthur and thanks so much for a real good time.
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Re: Mansfield 7/21/2001 Setlist

#44249 3 years, 3 months ago
"Great Woods" review....

Got to lot and parked by 3:30.

Cooler contents:
2 frozen bottles of gatorade at bottom
1 Arnold Palmer ice tea/lemonade
2 20 oz bottles of water
6 12 oz cans of Budweiser
1/2 sub sandwich left from night before. Wrapped in tin foil, perfect to soak up the suds, although the sun prbly sweat a lot of it out of me
All submerged under a bag of ice.

Chilled, actually, heated, with surrounding neighbors.. Nursed six pack, shared a doob or two, finished my six pack, loaded both waters onto meself, left to walk into show at 6:56.

Seated section 12 row 6 dead center(this is low in the seats on lawn), plenty of room to groove. Great sound, good view of stage and decent screens.

Band comes on about 7:15.

Thought this a real decent Bobby night vocally.

Iko, Passenger, Doing that Rag, Loose Lucy = all standard fair, nothing too "out there", but all well done and nice energy to build from the get go...the meat of the first set, and perhaps highlights of show for some followed soon...

ALTHEA..nice! You know this space is getting HOT!

Mission in the Rain - Last time played Ratdog 10/20/2009. First busted out by Ratdog in 2001 and played by them a total of 59 times Surprise of the night.
Bobby pretty much nailed it once it got off the ground. Felt a little like a return to Ratdog, and did my best not to play KB solos in my head at their usual spots, LoL. and if that didn't do it..next up I hear opening notes of...

Two Djinn - very happy at this point I went to this show...but still missed the definitive Ratdog guitar sound on this tune, which of course is MK..that being said, JK did a pretty good job filling this tune. Who the hell can wait for life to pass! Then...WHAM>

MIGHT AS WELL! - played 18 times by Ratdog sung by weir. Tonights Furthur version sung by JK and this one got the crowd crusing! Another fantastic surprise. Had a total clear conscience and no preconceived thoughts/expectations going into this show, so really surprised/treated by these last 3 tunes of the first set. ALWAYS love me a Might as Well. Ratdog used to tear down small theaters with this tune! Have a pretty neat history with this tune, first time I saw/heard this in person was GD 83, then a few more times, and saw the GD show where they last played it at '94 nassau run, then saw it revived by Ratdog at Ridgefield Playhouse in CT '05. Some other stellar versions of this one..do yourself a favor search out various RD versions, you will find some absolute all time rockers there. This one brought the house down.

First set ending of Mission, Two Djinn, and especially Might as Well had the 80% filled comcast center up and dancing.

"We'll be back in just a little bit"

Set II

Foolish Heart - Good. but better was to come in this set. Sometimes the songs speak to me differently depending on things going on in my life..the 7-15-2006 RD show at this venue is one example where this song really grabbed a hold of me due to shit going on in my life. Very healing at the time, and a very strongly played version. This furthur version was just ok imo, and overshadowed by other moments of this show.

HARD TO HANDLE - Weir vocals. Sock it to me! > John crept into this jam real nice..eye closing, take me there affair. About 3/4 way into this one, they come out of the jam back into verse. Then the "sock it to me" arrangement..very cool. Things get a little melty last minute or so of HtH, then we're off into>

NEW POTATO CABOOSE - Absolutely Beautiful. Sounded SOOOOOOO good on this very hot, but comfy, summer night. Phil thumping along very crispy here, with John soaring all over the place, eventually dropping into....

ESTIMATED PROPHET - Like an Angel, Standing in a shaft of Light. Light my way>nice jk bubbly. eventually winds it way into>

Scarlet Begonias - The usual giant Sing-a-long..really liking song placement at this point. ....if you look at it right...AT IT RIGHT! AT IT RIGHT! AT IT RIGHT!!!!! Great stuff within the segue, phil thumping along nicely, jk beginning to bubble up, oh yeah! fire is coming...

Fire on the Mountain - one of the few times I opened my eyes during this stretch there were flames backdrop imagery...We're in it! LoL. JK DELIVERED! and yes, I thought the "flames" were a bit cheesy.

King Solomon's Marbles - Did someone just put blues for allah on thru the PA? Sounded that crisp and clear. Feeling like I've gotten way more than my money's worth at this pt.
This was a good 10 minute jam..great interplay by all.

Dear Prudence - OH YEAH! REAL HAPPY FOR THIS ONE and personally like this Beatles gem for my one summer furthur show, rather than the newer beatles break outs they've been doing. After giving this furthur version another listen, I still prefer MK on this. He just has a particular tone that is total ear candy to me when it was played with Ratdog. Bob's vocals were a few years less stressed too then. I've seen MK take the solo in this tune on numerous occasions and just blow away what JK is doing...not saying JK didn't solo nicely on this version, as he absolutely soared on it..I just prefer Mark a bit more on this one. STILL LOVING THE SONG PLACEMENT TONIGHT.

at this point I am there! Throw me something, anything, they are ON!

Not Fade Away - Kind of cool with show bookends of IKO / NFA. at this point, I am thinking "unbelievable, all these fucking years and can still pull off a real nice jaunt through this classic NFA. A couple minutes of verse from crowd, then Phil donor rap...

To be capped of with Encore of..

LIBERTY! Great way to send us out of Mansfield. Another Hunter/Garcia/GD tune that has become a Weir gem in the post '95 realm. Sake of my baby, I'd DIEEEEEEEEEE FOR LOVE!

Then off to find my own way home With less cars in lot due to an undersold show, an easy escape...began walk to car about 5 minutes after show ended, about 15 minutes to get out to main route 495 and 73 miles later home by 12:35.

**Honorable Mention to Jeff and Sunshine as I thought they fit in real well tonight.

Also, good to see, and very cool on the walk to venue and in line at gates going in, chatting with a few completely non-experienced, gd family show-going, young first timers. The look of anticipation on their faces was priceless...took me back to my first gd shows.
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I missed Jerry!

Re: Mansfield 7/21/2001 Setlist

#54470 3 years, 1 month ago
So I'm listening to this show over again and I am really starting to love Doin that rag..
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