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Re: Ratdog Setlist Red Rocks 7/11/14

#333240 3 months, 1 week ago
Show was fucking amazing. Ok, maybe just amazing because She Belongs and She Says were RIGHT next to eachother. I wonder why he did two songs of such similarity right in a row? Kinda lost the crowd. Bertha or Rooster woulda been nice. But I digress. As soon as Bob walked out, the rain completely stopped (it had just been drizzling the 10 min beforehand) and when they started warmin up for Help, a huge rainbow came out behind the stage. I\'m sure you all have seen pics, but it was truly magical. My first RR experience couldn\'t have been better!!!!

Playin > Eyes was great. I love that I knew they would be played in that order. Nothing was too slow, for me anyway, and Eyes had a GREAT Chimenti jam and Bobby even did a nice little thing there near either the last verse or the end of the song. I\'ll have to listen again and find out. It was very unique and impressed me.

MIRACLE! I about jumped 10 feet into the air!!! I had been wanting to see him do Miracle for years and I was jubilant to say the least. Fun fact: besides the traditional UJB chorus (as Bobby even said, \"we always fuck that up\"), Miracle was the only song he fumbled with lyrics. I was impressed with his playing, his control, his vox, and tempos. I thought it wasn\'t a good idea to do Days at RR with a crowd who is mixed because of the non-Weir fans\' lack of interest, but amid all the talking (and near row 31, it surely seemed like a roar at some points), Days was very well done. I always find myself in a trance when he does it. That build is perfect!!! (Note: Bob\'s now done Days at 3 of the 4 shows I\'ve seen since Furthur LA lol)

Frank\'s was nice with the members of Avetts. Got the crowd into it again. Maybe Frank\'s was where Bobby did that unique riff. Again, I\'ll have to listen. Touch was obvious, at least to me, because of the mixed crowd who would know it. (Before UJB in the Avetts set, some guy next to us said \"hopefully they play something we know\") lol

Avetts were awesome. These guys should open for the Dog! Hahah damn. Great show. Great experience. Such a happy camper here
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