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More or less in line

Re: Ratdog Setlist Prediction Game 7/10 Salt Lake City

#333004 3 months, 2 weeks ago
Tonight's game totals;

dr bakes - 8
Chester - 6
MushroomMan - 4
Denver Man - 3
the highway terror - 2
patchmyfurthur - 2
GratefulRose - 2
nycdave -1

Please check your scores, and let me know if I missed anything.

And I have a simple suggestion for tomorrows game. Since we know ahead of time it will be one set,
I suggest we just remove the first set closer, and the second set opener. That leaves a show opener,
two wild card spots, for anywhere in the main part of the set, show closer, and an encore.
Of course, we'd revert back to the old format for the Ogden. Just an idea.
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