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Fresh Boarder

TRI 6-7-11 Mountain Song>I Know You Rider

#32291 3 years, 4 months ago
Excellent transition! Didn't mind hearing Mountain Song on the heels of Shoreline either, bring it on again. But that transition was excellent. Did anyone else get the sense that right after the tempo change there were hints of Sunshine Daydream? It was brief, and perhaps just in my head, but it seemed like a very subtle (perhaps unintended) tease to include as we (the audience) tried to adjust to what song they were segueing. Again, maybe it was just in my head. The nice easy tempo and the fact that it doesn't come out of China Cat which is enough throw me as well.

Remember when Bobby walked up to the mic and couldn't think of what verse to sing, and rather than flub it, just took 'em around the progression until he got his bearings?--during which time he made up for the completely understandable lyrical lapse with some killer guitar work.

Also want opinions on a question about Rider's lyrics (perhaps addressed already): How have people reacted to Furthur's understated "wish I was a headlight" line? I'm so trained to hear Jerry and the band explode after the second time he said that, but Furthur has done something quite unique with it by toning it down and having everyone sing it. An homage to Jerry? A moment of reverence and remembrance? Any thoughts on the philosophy behind that change?
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