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Junior Boarder

Re: Setlist Phil & Friends The Capitol Theater 4/4/14

#319088 6 months, 2 weeks ago
\"Equinox\" wrote:
Are you doing HD or SD?


I have Comcast cable service. Currently getting 18MB down. I am streaming on a totally clean machine.

Things that can kill your experience\"

Make sure that DVR\'s that rely on internet for on demand programming are not competing for your bandwidth.

If you ever use boost torrents or use Spotify, make sure they are not running in the back ground. Even if you are not listening, lots of people do not realize that Spotify is a peer to peer and stays open.

Make sure your machine is not downloading updates etc.

If you have kids in another room gaming, throw the breaker to that part of the house and tell then you don\'t know what happened.
Bound to cover just a little more ground . . .
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