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Re: Setlist Phil & Friends The Capitol Theater 4/4/14

#319079 6 months, 4 weeks ago
\"Equinox\" wrote:
\"Zipster\" wrote:
\"Equinox\" wrote:
\"Stonedbeetle\" wrote:
Why does there seem to be a Taperrob vs. Webcast vibe all three nights? WTF difference does it make?

Well, the prices when the first offered the webcasts were ridiculous. Those came down a bit because of the initial outrage. My beef is if they\'re going to offer this stuff they should at least have their act together enough to actually provide the stream during the actual show.

Frankly I have paid enough over the years, but that being said the 7.50 Phil charges is worth it but 19.99 to use my own equipment, bandwidth, electricity, etc. is way too much.

Well that was the appealing thing about the package. It was $10.00 a night.

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