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patch Radog review, Chicago 3/7/14

#313331 7 months, 2 weeks ago

So nice being up front. Can\\\'t wait for 1st row Nashville!

Guy next to me fell asleep 2nd set. Kinda awkward. Guys behind us were talking during 2nd set. At the beginning of Days one said \\\"I don\\\'t even know this song.\\\" GO HOME THANKS BYE NO ONE MISSES YOU.

Met Cooper!!! That was freakin awesome! Nice meeting you buddy. Hope to see you at a show in the future!

Wow, Ratdog SURELY does impress! Kimock is EVERYTHING. And I\\\'ll say it again, I vote Kimock in Dead 2015. Thanks bye.

Music opener didn\\\'t get me down. I anticipated it. LOVED THE SHAKEY GROUND. Wanted Black-Throated Wind (hello WINDY CITY), but I honestly have NOTHING bad to say about this show. Tight from start to finish. El Paso minor vocal mishap but hey he got every damn word to Days Between!!!!! JBG FIRST SET CLOSER DAMN HELLO BLISTERING!!!! Too many good things to comment on.

Loved it and can\\\'t wait for the 15th!!!
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