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Re: Set List: Ratdog HOB, Boston 2-24-2014

#310321 8 months ago
\"Emvibe67\" wrote:
I caught one song last night because well Monday is TV night for me.

I just gotta say thank you to Rippleish20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also what kind of external microphone did you use? Just curious if they are easy to get. I may need to stream for your fine folks on the southern run and all I got is a phone! LOL

I actually have two. First, I have an iphone5 so if you have an android device this won\'t help. I have a Tascam IM2 which has an older iphone 4 style docking mechanism. These are down to ~$25.

If you have an iphone with a lightning connector you can use an adapter. I just got a Zoom iQ5 with lightning connector, which is what I used last night. It is around $99 and seems to suck down the power. It, however, has a micro usb port where you can feed power to it and the phone while streaming. It has a limiter, you can change the width of the focus to 90 or 120 degrees, volume control, etc.
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Re: Set List: Ratdog HOB, Boston 2-24-2014

#310325 8 months ago
Bummer no Iphone for me.....i'll ask around and see if there is something i can do to better the sound quality through my android. Thanks!
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