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Re: Set List: Ratdog HOB, Boston 2-24-2014

#310047 8 months, 1 week ago
we petition the obama administration to:

Nominate the Grateful Dead to receive The Kennedy Center Honors in 2015 celebrating their 50th Anniversary.

The band was the first of its kind whose musical style was drawn upon the influences of not one musical genre but many including, but not limited to, country, blues, jazz, rock, bluegrass, improvisational, folk, psychedelic, reggae and just about every other form of music heard around the world. This newly created musical tapestry became so passionately enjoyed by so many it ultimately led to over 2,300 concerts experienced in nearly every state in the Union in their 30 year existence and included over 500 different songs performed at least once in a live setting. Only in America could a group of individuals from diverse backgrounds come together and create their own style/sound that bettered the world of music and left their own fiercely unique imprint on our nation’s proud history.

Created: Feb 10, 2014

Issues: Arts and Humanities

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