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Daisy Mae
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Re: 6/3/11 Shoreline Amp., Mountainview Ca.

#33016 3 years, 4 months ago
Illuminaughty - glad to hear you liked your stay at the Green Tortoise Guest House, also known as Sin City Hostel to the Australians. I've stayed there periodically over the past 16 years or so, since it first opened in the former Vanessi's Restaurant. The guys renovating it back then told me the upper floors had been a brothel, and they had to remove the hot tub from the top floor because all the cavorting had soaked the wood floor and ruined it. I believe the sauna is still there, however. I loved staying there in the 90's and watching the action on the street from my room. Back then SF was still a Navy Port of Call, and you could see the guys in uniform running around Broadway with the girls. I love everything about this neighborhood. It's the heart of the Barbary Coast. The Stone was located down the block at Montgomery and Broadway, and the Dead recorded an album in the copper-clad flat-iron building that you see looking down Kearny. Across the street was a punk club called the Mabuahey Gardens (Mayberry Gardens to the stoners). I used to walk back to North Beach alone after Warfield shows, straight up Kearny or Montgomery, and felt so safe and right at home. There's a great book in the Images of America series called San Francisco's North Beach and Telegraph Hill with some awesome photos. I'm really into the history and architecture of SF, and I've spent quite a bit of time photographing different neighborhoods. North Beach/Barbary Coast/Chinatown is still my favorite. The past is present and palpable. Another nice place to stay, though not as clean as it used to be, is the Hostel at Fort Mason. Beautiful almost rural setting, great views of Crissy Field, the GG Bridge,Marin headlands, Aquatic Park with Hyde St. Pier & boat museum, Fisherman's Wharf. I love this town. Virtually every part of the city is rich in history, and a joy to be in.
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Re: 6/3/11 Furthur, Shoreline Amp., Mountainview Ca.

#41945 3 years, 3 months ago
Hehhe.. here I am a month and a half later and I couldn't agree more. Show was so great.

DAMN I wish I could just pack up and go on tour, and still be able to bring home the bacon for the wife and kids

And unfortunately, I have to miss Monterey as I am Best Man for my best friend's wedding that Saturday.

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