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Robert Hunter at the Capitol 10/5/2013

#297177 11 months ago
Hunter was a pretty brave guy that night; just a stool and an acoustic guitar.

I noticed something interesting about this show. two songs (of many that were played) struck me. Hunter played Peggy-0 which is about a man who loves a lady but the mother doesn\'t approve because well he is broke \"my guineas’ are too few\". Peggy-o references this made up location \"Fernerio\". Now, Hunter did a Peggy Dire wolf sequence. At the end of Dire wolf he brings back Peggy. Dire wolf also uses the location of \"Fernerio\". It made me laugh because maybe Peggy\'s mother did murder sweet William.

Who knows, your interpretation is the only one that matters. some songs have definite meanings but they all help people in many different ways. I wish everyone a happy thanksgiving. If your \"near\" North Arlington NJ tomorrow night go to Hartley\'s bar, 350 boulevard road JPJammin\'s playing. They play all night long!
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