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Stormin Norman
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#289805 1 year ago
There's lots and lots of Sunshine in Vegas...and Gold....and Blues. Furthur banged hard on those themes last week at the Pearl in the Palms. I put together a couple of CDs from my DL's...I especially like the Sunny Golden song order. Imagine those cuts back-to-back without the intro noodling. I think the musical flow would be quite sweet.

BTW Furthur of course opened the second/final Vegas show with Here Comes Sunshine and the Second Set with Here Comes the Sun and The Golden Road. I love the way they tied it all up with the Ripple encore..."If my words did glow with the gold of sunshine". Nice. Very nice.

SUNNY GOLDEN VEGAS 2013: Here Comes the Sun, China Cat Sunflower/I Know You Rider, Here Comes Sunshine, The Golden Road, Good Lovin', Sugar Magnolia, Ripple

BLUE VEGAS 2013: Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, New Minglewood Blues, Dupree's Diamond Blues, Viola Lee Blues, Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad, It's All Over Now Baby Blue
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Denver Man
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#289813 1 year ago
Exactly!! Like I have posted before .. the 2 Vegas shows were on a whole different level. It hadnt been since the GOGD that I was so emotionally stretched ... Extraordinary! There is no line up they could possibly dream up in 2015 that could put out shows like Furthur did in the Palms. Thats why all this talk of a core 4 reunion really just doe not appeal to me.

Thanks for your post. BTW I knew a stormin norman when I was going to school in south west Colorado in the 80s ... them were the days!
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Stormin Norman
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#289825 1 year ago
Vegas was the first time I'd heard Furthur in any form...so I don't know what's gone on before but I'm with you, they are in a sweet sweet zone. Saying this is as good as it gets or will get is not fair to these guys...because frankly, if you want to compare Further to the Dead, well, Furthur 2013's a much better band than the Dead would be now if Jerry was still alive and they were even still playing together. Because everyone in Furthur really seems to give a shit, they're having fun, and no one seems distracted let alone debilitated by off-stage problems.

Anyone who got to see the whole week -- two Vegas Palms shows and then three sweet outdoor nights in LA -- was/is blessed. These were Furthur Dead Shows and they took the music to a whole...nutha...level. I would have loved to have followed up Vegas by jetting to the Promised Land. What's a Furthur Dead Show? Second night Vegas: we'll see your Might As Well, and raise you two SHOW closers (Good Lovin' and Sugar Mag) to end the FIRST set. And they still had a GDTRFB up their sleeve for the second set closer....right after the Viola Lee>Wheel>Mountain Song>Let It Grow>Morning Dew. All in.

I can't get over how much great music Furthur made in Vegas. I'm lost in the downloads...so...much...good...stuff....

Can only imagine the joy at the Greek last weekend. Oh to have been there when Stranger broke to kick off Saturday Night....
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