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Re: Hunter Attendance

#290131 1 year ago
sidewalkstrativarius wrote:
I went at the Keswick last Friday, it was great. Preshow was cool, nice people around, he mixed up a few verses, but he was great.The crowd had a little too much energy for a solo acoustic show, but it was still cool, and he was really relaxed and cool the whole night. The Keswick was almost full, though I'm not sure how many people were there.
If youre planning on going, expect a chill intimite performance. I feel like a lot of people expected somehting else, there was a lot of screaming(top of the lungs like) when it really didnt belong. I would definitely recommend going. The music was fantastic, the audience, staff & security were all cool, and most of all it was incredible to see a part of the driving force behind the dead playing like he has so rarely done. Most definitely worthit

I was at this show too and I totally agree with this review.
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Re: Hunter Attendance

#290740 1 year ago
Saw the Town Hall show. Happy to report HUNTER WAS AMAZING!! Had seen him there in 1980, (with Sonny Terry and Brownie Magee) when I was about 15. Then we sat up in the balcony with a crew of delinquents, this time we were 3rd. row center and it was better than GREAT. Does not really get any better if you like an intimate show in NYC with a true master of his art. What an awesome treat from start to end! He switched up a lot of words from how we are used to hearing them and put in some alternate verses. He told stories that put the the songs into perspective from the man that wrote them. His voice was INCREDIBLE the picking BEAUTIFUL and the harmonica also AWESOME! I kept thinking the harmonica sounded a lot like Dylan at times and he is right up there with Dylan as a songwriter and Icon, but less visible. A total one man troubador band. I thought Rueben & Cherise was about the best one I ever saw, it was sooooo sweet! New Speedway Boogie rocked too!

I just got an iphone so we tried to stream it out to you, technical difficulties first set- sincere apologies if anyone was listening. Second set came out good though and gets better as show goes on with video towards the end. You can find it on ustream by searching for the ghost network and clicking on the purple looking square that is about 87 minutes.

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