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Re: Set List- Greek Theater, Los Angeles, 10/6/13

#289356 1 year ago
Got in and settled at my friend\'s place after some In and Out.....here\'s a review.

I was in section B row E on the aisle closest to the side where the concessions were. If anyone was nearby, maybe we spoke?! Anyway...loved the Music opener. One of my picks SO MANY great musical moments tonight. TLEO was awesome because I\'ve never caught one before tonight. Corrina I CALLED cuz I heard John\'s slide for it. I am SO HAPPY I caught a Corrina, FINALLY. My favorite Bobby song (of the post-90 years, until Big Bad Blues). Cucamonga I have heard before multiple times, but this was a GREAT one. Loved Phil taking charge of that one jam. DAMN!!!!!!!!! Row Jimmy, SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET. Again, a first for me. Some guys behind me were talking during the entire song (ANNOYING) and how could you, DURING ROW JIMMY?!?!?!??! He\'s Gone, another first for me. Truckin was awesome cuz everyone was dancing and there was this little girl a couple rows in front of me dancing with her dad (she had to be like 3). SO CUTE. Where was the Phil bomb at the end? Did they run out of time? Oh well, it was a strange ending but interesting nonetheless.

Set 2, WOWS!!!! Jack Straw a highlight. I had been wanting it to open the show and was whistling the intro for the hour before the show started. GREAT JAMMING. JK and Jeff were on fire the ENTIRE show. But especially in this song, CUMBERLAND, and Unbroken. Rag was fun but FUCK THAT CUMBERLAND HAD TO BE THE BEST ONE I\'VE SEEN THEM DO!!!!!!!!! Wow wow wow wow!!!!!!!!! Loved Jeff taking charge of that jam and calling out the key changes! Unbroken was amazing. Smooth transition to St. Stephen, which I had been thinking of during Unbroken. Glad they didn\'t do Eleven or HSF afterwards, actually. Was anticipating an Other One, possibly preceded by Cryptical. BUT Days was ASTOUNDING. Much more intense and amazing in person. Bob really won me on this one. The builds are perfect. And his vocals were LOUD. Loved it. Fantasy reminded me of my dad, who the whole second set made me wish was with me. He kinda was, albeit at home listening to the taperrob stream. KUDOS TO TR FOR ALWAYS PROVIDING THE QUALITY STREAMS Finally, the NFA was sweet and I hoped for GDTRFB or Lovelight or something, but alas they departed and returned with Brokedown. I spent the encore walking to the CD line and then standing in that line. Watched the big screen in front of the CD line and saw the bows. I\'ve never seen a tour closer, but it was VERY bittersweet. Multiple hugs before the group hug, BUT THEN Bob and Phil hugged and bowed separately and that really hit me that this may be the last tour this group does. Also after that, there was a few minutes of hugging and talking and it all felt very final. If I didn\'t know Mexico was planned, I would have thought this was their final concert.

That being said, I REALLY LOVED THIS SHOW. Best I\'ve seen post-GD. Not that I remember the GD shows I saw at age 6, but nonetheless. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to see 6 Furthur shows since 2010. I really hope they come back. This band breathed new life into the music I haven\'t heard since the 2002 Alpine Other Ones shows. AMAZING. PERFECTION. I want there to be a New Year\'s show, and I want to attend...but I don\'t think I would be able to. Now I just sit here in hopes that I make it down to Mexico.

Thanks Furthur for everything since 2009. FFF, you are the nicest internet friends I have ever had! All the streamers and tapers I am indebted to for always providing the music at a speedy pace, either in streams or recordings available shortly after the shows. Hopefully Bob and Phil tour again, together. Hopefully Furthur tours again. But what other group will be this well-oiled and play this perfectly? It\'s very hard to imagine.
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