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Re: Plea to Phil

#287300 1 year ago
angrybuddhist wrote:
I heard the soundchecks for Berkeley. the equipment imo was not up to standard, venue was a joke. not to mention uc Berkeleys blue shirt gestapo. I love the boys but didn't think this venue was worthit.

Yer kidding right?
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Re: Plea to Phil

#287303 1 year ago
Was there for all 3, on Phil's side to boot, and never felt he was too loud, though if he ever was too loud it would be the best show ever!

Also the Venue was sublime... too me back 25 years... was like we had never left, especially Sunday Afternoon show... was definitely teleported to Back to 1989!
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Re: Plea to Phil

#287318 1 year ago
it's an obsession but it's pleasing
gr8ful bruin
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Mr. Charlie

Re: Plea to Phil

#287333 1 year ago
I was in at least 6 different places and I have to say that the sound was very good. Now if you are in the pit you can be too close and be in a shadow of the line array speakers, at Berkeley they had 5 small treble speakers for the floor but like said above bass waves travel greater distances and not directional so you hear almost the same amount of bass no matter where you are. Midrange and treble also travel faster and ARE directional so this can vary a great deal. Another thing that goes into PA design is that venues inevitably have acoustics that will cause stacking (increased volume) and cancellation (lost info). It is possible that the design of the B greek since it was copied from a real theater in greece that allows a person on stage to be heard at the top row. This kind of extreme acoustical design which allowed a show with no amplification more than likely is a challenge. Alot of new concert halls for classical music have massive movable walls and varius size large chambers to allow a bright hall or muted hall (reverb) and time alignment (very important).

Also if you are wearing earplugs unless they should be designed for musicians (these cost 15-30 dollars) Sleeping or gun shooting earplugs will roll off a huge amount of non bass plus you're body and and ears still hear a lot of bass. If the show was to loud than you likely have a sensetive ear slash brain sound. Are you able to see indoor rock concerts and more importantly bands in bars those are typically dangerously loud. At BGCC you have to speak loud to be heard but the Greek it was very easy.

Also if you are young you will hear treble much better amd women espically young women hear sound as louder, this is why girls sometimes think you ae rasing your voice when men cannot hear themselves as well. If this is a new or very noticeable compared to friends I would see an audiologist to make sure everything is working well

Now if you want loud try Terrapin Crossroads it is crazy.

If anyone here has any audio and musical instrument questions let me know this just an overview so if you are wondering
about sound and our perceptions let me know.

I worked live sound for several years and now do custom audio installtions. I can tell you it is harder than a lot of people would think and what we heard at the greek was as close to perfection as you can get.

PS phils wants to vibrate you're heart and I love when he does!
Go to Terrapin, no really go to TERRAPIN
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Re: Plea to Phil

#287335 1 year ago
Ummm.... I was either a row or two above the soundboard or right next to it all three nights... well 2 nights and an afternoon. The mix was perfect for us.
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Re: Plea to Phil

#287353 1 year ago
Was at the Greek Saturday and Sunday.Thought it was the best outdoor sound that I've ever heard in all of Northern California.Been going to shows since 1977.
dead dad
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Re: Plea to Phil

#288197 1 year ago
I went to the Saturday 9/28 Berkeley Greek show and it sounded as good as any show, not just any outdoor show, that I've attended. That goes all the way back to the Wall of Sound era. My first show was Reno '74. That sound system was developed because The Dead wanted to push the boundaries of what live sound could be. Furthur has always stayed true to that by bringing quality sound to every show. As a venue, the Berkeley Greek has always had great outdoor sound, no matter the performer(s).

How many reasons are there to love Phil's sound and playing? Not only how many genre's he demonstrates complete mastery of. Not only his amazing, prodigious playing and how it drives and complements the entire band, but the sound. Always clear. And the Phil bombs! I, too, LOVE to feel it in my belly. When I first read Jaitch's comment, I thought the writer was hopelessly out of touch and had totally missed the nuances of why Furthur and the Dead before sounded so amazing live. Then, after reading all the responses, it comes down to a case of 'to each their own.' Jaitch might have had a bad night or has maybe experienced it before. Dunno. But maybe there's a reason even Jaitch doesn't understand. Could be as simple as "If it's too loud, then yer too old!"
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