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RR Review Night 1 and 2

#284400 1 year ago
this is my first time posting here. hello to all. You may call me Ollie. Would like to offer my cliff note version of first 2 nights at RR

The aura at the Rox is 2nd to none. I have been coming here for 40 years and other than the altitude making harder for me to breathe, it is as wonderful as the first time.

Set 1:

Very Phil n Friends start with a Jam. Found this one to miss the segue into CF. Band was not 'in line' per se'.
Miracle: Predictable sound, but ok
HCS: Phil led the way. Harmonies off some.
Cassidy: Sounded like Bob was hesitant to enter into song, but rest of band pushed it right in front of him so he could not avoid it.
Little light: Ah, for Brent. Band played this one very well
Lost>Saint: Couple good crescendos.

Set 2: MS: Weird placement to open second set. Fits better later in set. They seem to enjoy this song.
11: Russo is all over this song. He makes it what it is
MOM: Cut the space short. I have heard much more fluid renditions of this in the past
Terrapin: Wonderful song. They do this one very well
Day's between: Eh..... Bobs Stella Blue wanna be!!!! Not a big fan of Bob singing it. Enjoyed Jerry singing it.
China Cat>Encore: The best part of the show. PITB,UJB. They do these extremely well and having all 4 in a row, made me smile smile smile.

* Show was a 5 IMHO. Bob appeared to be unsteady the whole night. Song placement just not conducive.

2nd night

Set 1
Jam>Bucket. Much better beginning than night 1. Bob was alert and into it. He always loved this song
Ship: Very soulful.
LLR: Old Bob at times. He showed up this night
POC; Took a leak. Not a big fan
WR>TS>NFA: Is it the 2nd set in like 1986? Loved this finish in set 1



HOT. Just a very good set from beginning to end.

Did not have to eat one sandwich. AS good as a set as i have seen them play.
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